Friday, April 19, 2013

Miss Universe-Philippines 2013
Ariella Arida

She may not be everyone's top choice for the top-plum but her victory wasn't shrouded with controversy unlike the previous year and her succession for the ultimate crown was favored by many.

Needless to say, she's even more polished (physically-wise) than her two previous predecessors during the coronation and she's patently exuding with such inimitable 'oriental' charm, an exclusive lineament quite a few of our beauty queens possessed during their national crowning. And how much more when she'll run through the fire of rigorous training with her Aces & Queens mentors? Well, with Jonas Gaffud's tutelage, the man behind the triumphant three-year succedent top-five streak of Venus, Shamcey, & Janine we could definitely expect an immaculately gorgeous transformation no less! And speaking about catwalk skills in which our previous queens were known for and made them formidable top-MU contenders, Ara will be doing the 'Ariba walk' as what she gleefully stated in one of her interviews and I just couldn't wait to see how she'll gonna rock the MU stage and glide in the runway. Would she be able to continue the Philippines' three-year consecutive final five stint and do a striking four-peat? The pressure must be incredibly towering for her to surmount but the prize at hand is immensely tremendous for her to lose. 

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