Saturday, April 27, 2013

Janine Tugonon (Ms. Universe-Philippines 2012 & Ms. Universe 2012 First Runner-Up) & Venus Raj (Ms. Universe-Philippines 2010 & Ms. Universe 2010 Fourth Runner-Up)

The Philippines was able to redeem its glory as Asia's beauty powerhouse with the eminent victories and superb performances of our queens in the international pageant scene and a few of those celebrated beauties who embed the archipelago at the top of the beauty leaderboard and made such inextirpable imprints in the hearts of the Filipinos and the rest of the pageant aficionados around the globe are no less than Venus Raj and Janine Tugonon. Venus who ended the ten-year hiatus of the Philippines in Ms. Universe and brought such honor and pride to her fellow countrymen in a major-major way. Janine with her famous 'cobra walk' and unparalleled determination continued the streak and almost snatched the Philippines' third Ms. Universe crown. 

Both glammed up for this year's BBP Gold souvenir, its pages wouldn't be this glamorous (on a higher note) and a worthier collectible item without their endearing presence in a summer-themed photo shoot. Even after their respective reigns, both glowed and stunningly bloomed at its finest. They're still at their best 'natural' form and could still rock the international beauty competition by storm. As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, whom do you think stood out best? Your guess is as good as mine. 

The BBP Gold Souvenir program is now up for grabs for only 150 Php in the leading super malls in Metro Manila as well as in the National Bookstores nationwide. You may Click Here for More Details.  Its proceeds will go directly to its charitable missions as well as to serve the country's less fortunate.


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