Monday, May 6, 2013

Unyielding 'tenacity' is perhaps the most befitting word that best describes our 24 year-old Miss Philippines-Earth 2013 front-runner who is currently earning some hefty nods to nail the top crown. Having been able to participate in various beauty pageants here and abroad (which totaled to nearly 12) only proves her steadfast devotion to achieve her life's utmost dreams.
She is a perfect epitome of those beauty queen aspirants out there who went home empty handed after their countless attempts to win a crown but never lose that unremitting perseverance to emerge victorious in the end. It's noteworthy mentioning that before she made a cut as one of the semifinalists during the 2012 edition of Binibining Pilipinas where she almost stole the thunder from the finale's front-runners with her comical-yet-witty answer to the final question, she actually failed twice in her bid to be shortlisted as one of the official Binibini candidates during the BBP screenings held last 2010 & 2011. However amidst those challenging defeats and misadventures, she also had a share of pleasant and notable accomplishments.
Angelee Claudett Delos Reyes as Miss Slimmers
World Bikini Philippines 2011. 
She was named Miss Slimmers World Bikini Philippines 2011 (her first national title) where she banners the Philippines' sash in China and after her 2012 BBP stint she was handpicked to represent the country in Supermodel International held in Bangkok, Thailand where she landed as one of the finalists. So failures indeed never define this goal-oriented and ever resilient licensed nurse who just kept on achieving for more. Of course, her resolute doggedness in turning her dream into a reality is just but a tip of an ice berg of her overall personality. An A-List pageant veteran herself armed with those well-polished curves, vibrant persona and confidence, she could easily topple this year's Miss Philippines-Earth warrior wannabees off their feet (barring politics). 


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