Friday, June 7, 2013

(L-R) Kentucky - Allie Leggett, Oklahoma - Mackenzie Muse, Louisiana - Kristen Girault, Utah - Marissa Powell, Washington - Cassandra Searles, Maryland - Kasey Staniszewski, Texas - Ali Nugent, Mississippi - Paromita Mitra, Idaho - Marissa Wickland, Massachusetts - Sarah Kidd, Michigan - Jacklyn Schulz and South Dakota - Jessica Albers. 

I haven't seen the girls strut with their respective evening gowns in motion, so the main criteria on how I rate these lovely candidates is basically on how attractive and adorable they become wearing these fabulous creations and of course their own peculiar creativity on how they project and carry themselves are of great essence to pull off such bearing of a more regal Miss USA beauty queen. I am actually wondering whether the gowns they're wearing are their own personal choice(?). Otherwise, lucky for those delegates who have been given such elegant pieces who are just beautifully fitted for them.  
As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the photo above (courtesy of Miss USA) are my Top 12 candidates who transformed gorgeously with their evening gowns. 


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