Monday, June 24, 2013

Yityish Aynaw - Miss Universe-Israel 2013

Do I see another black beauty wearing the Diamond Nexus labs crown? I couldn't really help it,but be constantly enamored with the exotic beauty of Yityish Titi Aynaw,Israel's bet in Miss Universe this year. The 22 year-old Israeli model became an instant sensation when she was crowned Miss Israel 2013 last February, making her the first ever black Ethiopian Israeli immigrant to have clinched the title. 

As stated in Wikipedia, "Aynaw was born in the village of Chahawit in Ethiopia's Gondar Province. Her father died when she was two years old and her mother died eight years later. Aynaw moved to Israel with her grandparents when she was twelve. After graduating high school, Aynaw served as a Lieutenant in the Military Police Corps of the Israel Defense Forces and afterwards worked in a clothing store." It was her friend who entered her name and encouraged her to join the beauty competition and the rest became a history.

A few weeks after her reign, Yityish was invited for a dinner by no less than US President Obama himself as a token of his appreciation to Israel for crowning a woman of African descent. As expected the American black president was star-strucked with Yityish charm and refined elegance. It's noteworthy mentioning that they have more something in common. Like Yityish, Obama was also raised by his grandmother and while Yityish is the first black Miss Israel, Obama is the first black American President.

Standing tall at 6', would the former lieutenant be able to emerge victorious as the beauty-battle royale unfolds in Russia? Can she maintain the momentum and do a Leila Lopes 2.0 this November? Your guesses' as good as mine:)


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