Sunday, July 21, 2013

She's the first of the Binibini Gold queens to compete in the international pageant arena this year. Would she be able to surpass her predecessor's third runner-up placement and trigger a string of dashing victories for the Philippines?

Needless to say, Mutya's unsullied beauty which is well-
complemented with that genuinely-congenial and irresistibly-
sweet personality would definitely turn heads in Minsk, Belarus. And did I forget to mention how captivating and breathtaking she becomes the moment she walks on the runway? Mastery of the English language could be her waterloo however this does not necessarily negate her chances of winning considering that Miss Supra beau con doesn't have the final Q&A portion in determining the winner (based on its previous editions). This could probably be the reason why BPCI sees her as the excellent choice for the said competition. Exquisite wardrobe and exact packaging could definitely make Mutya a strong force to be reckoned with in this year's Miss Supranational pageant (barring politics). 


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