Saturday, October 5, 2013

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Aside from the fact that the Philippines has always been in the winning circle of Miss Universe for three successive years since 2010, her fellow beauty queens this year emerged victorious in each of their respective quests. Mutya Datul bagged the first Supranational crown for the Philippines and the first Asian woman to date who won the title. And just recently, Megan Young has been crowned as Miss World, also the first from the Philippines and in South-east Asia after the country participated since 1966 in this annually-celebrated pageant. And from this day onwards, all our eyes will be glued on Ara Arida, another Filipino beauty gunning for the its country's third crown collections for 2013 and hopefully the third citizen from the Philippines to wear the Miss Universe crown.

The beauty battle has yet to start in Moscow, Russia. The victor has yet to be revealed in a sea of 80+ beauties. Will she be lucky as her two compatriots who came home victorious?


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