Saturday, October 26, 2013


                 Beautiful Ariella Arida flanked with two equally gorgeous MU candidates.

The lovely candidates got the opoportunity to tour around Moscow's Red Square notwithstanding the city's icy-cold weather and our comely delegate enjoyed the moment just like the rest of the girls who visited the capital's top most tourist attraction. It is actually a breath of fresh air from their mundane daily routines as well as a great avenue to enjoy each other's company before the competition intensely heats up as the day progresses. The spirit of camaraderie as well as their congenial smiles must have added some ounce of warmeth and cheerful brightness to the place's bleak, gloomy weather:)

  Exploring the city's majestic central square with India's prime belle Manasi Moghe

These gorgeous faces must have supplemented the overall beauty of the world-reknowned city structure.


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