Thursday, October 31, 2013

While some netizens were not impressed with her spontaneity in delivering her thoughts and the way she articulate her words in the recent Truth and Dare-themed web interview, I honestly find Ariella so genuine in her approach without being pretentious and pageant patty. And more importantly, she didn't bore me to tears! The way she mimic the sound of the chicken was just pretty amusing and those hand gestures were just lovely and endearing.

Previous MU winners were not perfectly eloquent nor brilliant A-list speakers, what is more important is the sincerity and the clarity in conveying the message. Ariella's short interview doesn't sound rehearsed, she speaks from her heart, and she was able to get the message across with just the right amount of vibrancy and confidence. So I believe without being biased, Miss Philippines clearly aced this round:)


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