Friday, October 25, 2013

Miss Philippines Ariella Arida with fellow Asian candidates

One of the most essential, if not priceless gift that a candidate could cherish in her lifetime despite being embroiled in a hotly-contested competition like Miss Universe is the opportunity of earning some few good friends. While the chances of winning the most coveted crown is immensely stiffer, the possibility of winning a friend to keep in a sea of 80+ beautiful women is remarkably feasible. And I'm glad that our bet is not only enjoying the whole process of the competition but also is keen on making herself much available, more approachable and genuinely congenial even to her fellow competitors. 

Two of the world's beauty powerhouse - Philippines and Venezuela. Who
stands out?

Ariella Arida with a towering beauty from Panama

My favorite Asian girls, Philippines' Ariella Arida and Indonesia's Whulandary Herman

Ariella Arida together with the gorgeous Latinas. 


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