Saturday, October 5, 2013

Photo Credit: Ernest John Tamana

Time really flew fast. It seemed that it was only yesterday when I personally bumped into this Lebanese demi-god during the Mister International competition last year in Bangkok, Thailand where you donned the sash of the Land of Cedar and successfully won the prestigious title.

And today is your birthday! I would like to take this space to greet you in this very special day. It must have been a wonderful, fun-filled reign as you've traveled around the globe spearheading some charity events and personal appearances promoting the core missions and visions of the Mister International Organization. You're more than just a mere icon on the glitzy covers of the internationally-renowned health and fitness magazines for you've been truly one great ambassador, a good role model to the youth that is. As you end your reign and pass on the title to your successor, it is our fervent wish that may you continue on being an inspiration, spreading love and positivity all throughout. We wish you nothing but only the best on your future endeavors, family, career, and lovelife. May this year be filled with more blessings as well as in the years to come. Yinxad Xlek Hammoud Ali! Hope I get it just right:)


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