Friday, October 25, 2013

The picturesque site seems to be like a delicately-handmade painting. The place is just
awesome! (Standing from the backyard garden park of Taal Vista Hotel)
For the meantime, let's have a break from all these pageant stuff and let me bring you here in one of the most famous attractions in Tagaytay City, Philippines, the breathtaking scenic view of the legendary Taal crater lake. Definitely one of the best places to chill out especially during the holiday season for its relaxing milieu and mesmerizing sceneries. I've been here twice and the experience was just simply amazing:)

Feels like the world is at my feet:) 
If you're planning to visit the Philippines, might as well include in your bucketlist enjoying the cool breeze of air in Tagaytay while munching on the city's prime delicacies or perhaps a warm coffee in your favorite coffee shop overlooking the world-famous lake. Tagaytay is just around a two to three-hour drive from Manila, barring traffic jam. The picturesque view can be well-appreciated along the beautiful garden park at Taal Vista Hotel (you may click here for more details) and if you're staying for a couple of days, much better if you can check in, in one of their best recommended nests (at the most reasonable prices) so you can fully enjoy the lake's beauty at its finest.


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