Monday, October 14, 2013

A new beauty pageant arises in Brazil promising not to be "just another one", but a modern and innovative contest.

It was held a party to present and give the sashs of the first five candidates in São Paulo on October 10, 2013, presented by Gabriela Markus, Miss Brazil Universe 2012.

The contestants presented were:
Francine Pantaleão – Miss São Paulo
Marina Teixeira – Miss Minas Gerais
Jessica Maia – Miss Acre
Karlla Agne – Miss Roraima
Keyti Alencar – Miss Tocantins

Marina Teixeira, Keyti Alencar, Luiz Roberto Kauffmann, Gabriela Markus, Francine Pantaleão, Karlla Agne and Jessica Maia (from left to right)
Gabriela Markus, Miss Brazil Universe 2012

Other Brazilian beauty queens attended the event:
Camila Serakides, Miss American Continent 2012
Livia Nepomuceno, Miss Brazil Tourism Queen 2011
Maíra Bullos, Miss Mato Grosso do Sul Latina 2013


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