Friday, October 11, 2013

L-R: Malaysia's Carey Ng and Thailand's Chalita Yaemwannang.

We haven't seen these two countries advancing to the finals during the recent Miss Universe editions however with these new gorgeous faces, this year might be totally different.

Carey Ng - Miss Universe-Malaysia 2013
 First we have Miss Malaysia. In the last two years, I was actually rooting for Malaysia's Eurasian mestiza delegates Deborah Henry and even Kimberley Leggett to at least crack the semifinal rounds but quite surprisingly both failed in their respective stints. Yes, Deborah and Kimberley were undeniably impressive in still photos however both lack substance and the spark during the preliminary presentation and their seemingly lackluster performances were overshadowed by the elite performing catwalk divas and irresistibly exotic beauties. Apparently, this could be one of the reasons of their exclusion (aside from luck and politics, of course!) and perhaps one good learning experience which needs urgent consideration. Enter Carey Ng. She's this year's bet who will banner the sash of Malaysia in MU's 62nd edition in Moscow, Russia. Does she have what it takes to excel at the top which her predecessors failed to deliver? Unlike the previous two contenders, Carey got the typical South-east Asian features with exquisitely sultry aura and statuesque stance which could be her advantage to easily stand out from the rest. Achieving the right amount of curves and form in time for the send-off is a clear testament of  her discipline, dedication and determination. With excellent styling and topnotch performances, getting the judges' nod is highly feasible.

Then we have Miss Thailand. I've been residing in Bangkok during the last three years, working as an International Coordinator in one of the leading international hospitals in the Land of Smiles, and I have personally witnessed how passionate the Thais were with beauty pageants, especially with Miss Universe. Well, with two Miss Universe winners to date, it shouldn't come as a surprised. However during the recent years we haven't seen much about Thailand making the cut even in the semi-final rounds and I know Thais are just as eager to win their third. With Chalita Yaemwannang as this year's bet would she be luckier enough to break the spell and end the drought? Chalita exudes a very charming persona and I find her to be quite engaging and sincerely congenial. However her beauty seems to be pretty conventional and she might just easily blend well when standing side by side with the other contenders. I believe this is something she needs to work on aside from getting that banging bombshell curves and at this rate her Malaysian counterpart Carey Ng tend to excel in this area, however things might change the moment they'll step down on the battlefield and all the candidates from the around the world will finally converge in the beautiful city of Moscow, Russia. After all, Miss Universe is not just all about pretty faces, intelligence, 'it factor', attitude and personality are also very essential elements to stay on top of the game.  So whom do you think got the better edge?


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