Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Miss Universe-Israel 2013 Yityish Titi Aynaw
Photo Credit: MUO

Seldom do I get attracted with black women, and Yityish who currently banners Israel's sash is one of those stunning ladies of African descent who instantly turned me on. 

Unlike the 2011 MU titleholder Leila Lopes of Angola whom she got a strong resemblance with, Yityish is way more sophisticated, congenially engaging and looking more competitive as competitive as compared to Leila's innocent, shy, laidback yet sweet demeanor. If she's as luckier as the Angolian Miss Universe, winning the crown isn't too far-fetched. A top ten placement is greatly feasible however advancing to the next final round is pretty much stiffer as their are a handful of topnotch-caliber delegates who would definitely give everyone in the competition (including Yityish) a run for their money. Nonetheless, as early as now I'm still placing my bet on for this gorgeously-colored beauty. She exudes an exotic and exquisite aura beneath an amicably warm personality that could propel her way to greater heights. I do have high hopes that she can certainly make it through the winning circle, that if politics won't barred her way. 


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