Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Here are the close-up shots of the delegates who shined with their chic and classic traditional garb during the National Costume Competition. Three winners were chosen in every continent and the best among the bests will be formally announced on the final telecast.

Asia (L-R): Thailand (Bronze), Indonesia (Gold) and Philippines (Silver)

Americas (L-R): Bolivia (Bronze), Bahamas (Gold) and Brazil (Silver)

Africa (L-R): Tanzania (Bronze), South Africa (Gold) and Nigeria (Silver)

Europe (L-R): Norway (Bronze), Russia (Gold) and Spain (Silver)

If I were to choose who deserves the Best in National Costume award, it would certainly be a toss-up between Thailand and the Philippines. But since they've already been awarded with the Bronze and Silver medals, then the winner would definitely be coming from the Gold medalists. If it were so, then Indonesia or Bahamas would be the best choice. 


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