Thursday, November 7, 2013

We've finally seen how the girls performed in both segments during the preliminaries, some of the delegates have proven their worth, exceeded their followers' expectations, and sealed their statuses while others slipped down the lane and failed to deliver.

I am not a pageant expert nor an authority in pageantry, what I do have is strong passion and love for beauty. My hotpicks are purely based on my personal opinion, my own preferences and gut feel with a tinge of patriotism combined:) So without further ado, here's my own list of Miss Universe 2013 front runners and eventual winners:)

Top 16 (The Semi-Finalists)

L-R: Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Israel, Poland

L-R: Indonesia, Great Britain, Turkey, USA

L-R: Spain, Philippines, South Africa, Jamaica

L-R: Italy, USA, France & Russia

Russia has of course the homecourt advantage so expect her to be in the list. She may even create an upset and win it all if politics wouldn't be prevented. But I would like to think that the MUOrg won't jeopardize such. Italy and Jamaica deserved to be called in the semis as they're quite impressive and elegant while Australia and France are just sublime with the latter being fierce and exquisitely exotic. It would be a let down if Miss Universe doesn't have any representation from the African continent and I couldn't think of any other delegate who is as gorgeous as South Africa.

Top 10 (The Finalists)

L-R: Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Israel & Poland
L-R: Spain & Philippines

L-R: Indonesia, Great Britain, Turkey & USA.

After experiencing decades of drought, Indonesia deserves a spot this year. With Whulan's impressive achievement in modelling and pageantry, she is way capable of snatching another beauty honors. Great Britain is a pageant veteran so it didn't come as a surprise when she gave an astounding prelim performance, while Turkey and USA are just naturally lovely and undeniably gorgeous. A back-to-back crown may not be possible this year, but I'm quite certain that the American beauty wouldn't be left behind. Fierce and elegant Monic Perez of Puerto Rico is here to avenge her predecessor's exclusion during last year's edition and I bet she couldn't afford to fail as well.

Top Five ( The Winning Circle)

Poland - Paulina Krupinska
                                 Fourth Runner-Up

She's a beauty to behold and without a doubt one of the strongest contenders in the European region. Her fluency in the Russian language and that winsome Miss Universe stance could propel her way at the top of the game.

Venezuela - Gabrielle Isler
Third Runner-Up

Gabrielle Isler's facial beauty may not come as close to Irene Esser, but her modelesque stance and towering form can't be easily ignored just like her sash Venezuela which is a certified beauty powerhouse as we all know. She may not be as gorgeously sassy as Irene but I bet she is more logical enough to give an outstanding final answer. 

Israel - Yityish Aynaw
Second Runner-Up

Yityish is the queen exotica of the bunch. It would be a turn off if this black goddess wouldn't be able to join the winning circle. If she's going to play her cards right, she'll certainly get what she rightfully deserves.

Spain - Patricia Rodriguez
First Runner-Up

Patricia is the Face of the Competition. Her beauty is simply unparalleled and very marketable. If it is indeed an urgent requisite to crown a European beauty this year after a decade of black out, then Spain would be the best choice.

Philippines - Ariella Arida
Miss Universe 2013

The Philippines' three-year successive top five placement is such a tremendous feat and Ariella Arida is dead set on bringing home the bacon. She got an impressive scholastic background with a very amiable personality and I would like to think that she is one of the organization's major favorites having been included in MU's most important events. And with Filipinos' immensely colossal support system she would definitely shine through. If she wouldn't falter in the final Q&A, this Pinay beauty would certainly be unstoppable in clinching her country's third Miss Universe crown. 


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