Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Highlights during Swimsuit round:

Argentina: Although it is about swimsuit, her beautiful face was the "showstopper", a nice surprise. 

Australia: Her wide body was a disappointment. 

Bahamas: Lexi Wilson's stage presence was a huge surprise, great catwalk.

Bolivia: She came on stage after a sequence of non-striking beauties and that made Bolivia's turn even more impactful. Alexia walked very well, using her beautiful face as her asset to hide a body that's not in its better shape, and it worked! Her catwalk and looks for the camera stood out.

Brazil: A body to die for! Jakelyne's body shape would already be enough, but beyond that she rocked the stage and exuded sympathy with her brilliant smile. Sweet and extroverted.

Chile: Very good body, especially her awesome waist. This girl killer look shakes you!

Curacao: Great catwalk and body. Another nice surprise.

Czech Republic: This girl is very vivid, but her body and catwalk can be her biggest downfall.

Dominican Republic: Yaritza's great pose and attitude draws attention.

Ecuador: Fantastic body. Also her face and overall look seem more polished than during Ecuador's national pageant. Good improvement.

Ethiopia: Was the world in slow motion? Her walk was excessively slow for a swimsuit competition.

Great Britain: Body, beauty and hair! That beautiful blond hair stands out.

Guatemala: She has a nice body. Kudos!

Haiti: Fierce! What a surprise! Mondiana Pierre rocked the stage wearing a ponytail which empowered her stage presence, not no mention her shaped body.

India: Beautiful face and hair. The longer you look, the more you like her. Manasi's beauty slowly captivates you. Her body could be better though. Best indian representative in years!

Indonesia: Catwalk Diva. 

Italy: She did well.

Jamaica: Another huge surprise! Amazing body and catwalk, watch out for this girl!

Kazakhstan: Very unique beauty.

Korea: Perfect Body and excellent catwalk! This living doll knows how to use her wonderful slanted eyes with sensuality to enchant us. Mesmerizing!
When she put her hands on her waist like in a Victoria's Secret runway it must have been wonderful to see live. 

Mexico: She is not as out of shape as expected, good, but she is still a bit chubby.

Namibia: Paulina did very well, she possess a good stage presence.

Nicaragua: Was Irene Esser her teacher? Catwalk, body, stage presence, sensuality. Nastassja rocks, assuredly! 

Panama: Amazing body and catwalk added to her height, she may had drawn judges' attention.

Peru: She surprisingly rocked the stage with her shaped body and hot latina catwalk. 

Philippines: Pinoys can be proud! Ara didn't disappoint.

Poland: The one-piece swimsuit choice was not good, but her beautiful face and bubbly personality excelled it.

Puerto Rico: As a front-runner she was expected to deliver a wonderful presentation, but she was just good.

Russia: Weird faces and unfit body. She will need the audience's support to advance to the top 10.

Slovak Republic: Surprisingly did well.

Spain: Beautiful body, docile personality and a wonderful face, although the walkway is unassertive.

Venezuela: Catwalk and body in the right measure! 

While the swimsuit round was a disappointment, the Evening Gown round was breathtaking:

Angola: Vaumara Rabelo did well, reminded a bit of Leila Lopes.

Argentina: Good walk and, again, the face drawn attention.

Austria: She looked beautiful during this round.

Azerbaijan: She lacks enthusiasm.

Bahamas: Wow! Nobody can deny that that pink gown didn't call attention, it screamed attention! She has a strong catwalk, again she was surprisingly very good. 

Belgium: Sorry girl, you wore the worst gown of the night. As usual from Belgium beauty queens.

Bolivia: The Highlight of the night! The red gown was breathtaking, that big bottom part of the dress with a vivid color going downstairs while Alexia Viruez was casting overwhelming glances was spectacular! Miss Bolivia has many haters, so they will deny this bombshell presentation forever! Added to her flawless catwalk, this one was a remarkable presentation, no matter you like her face or not.

Brazil: Nice catwalk, very sweet. Although the gown was questionable. 

Canada: Her strong facial features stands out. Riza was looking very good. 

Chile: Again, the glances while coming down the stairs... OMG! Overwhelming. She went to this competition to be a differential. While all latinas go with similar looks, María Jesús chooses the boldness. Her daring dress and her fierce catwalk were very good. 

China: Gown and hair was fantastic.

Costa Rica: Always expected to be better in swimsuit, Fabiana actually shone in the evening gown round.

Dominican Republic: She did a solid presentation, her glances were also amazing. Actually, she is stunning without much effort.

Ecuador: Isn't she the actual Miss Venezuela?!

France: Stunning. Average catwalk though.

Ghana: Red + gold glowed on her skin.

Great Britain: The gown ruined her catwalk, she had to crouch too much to hold the dress, problems walking, also a small stumble.

Guyana: She looked good but the weight is her downfall.

Haiti: Majestic and sumptuous. Amazing performance. Also the comparison to Miss Universe 2011 is unavoidable.

India: Regal and beautiful.

Indonesia: Stunning and daring gown.

Israel: Good gown and hair, she looked like a Goddess. 

Jamaica: Catwalk, confidence, Kerrie did very well with her gown. She may be the silent killer.

Korea: Solid performance 

Malaysia: Gorgeous gown, hair and walk.

Mexico: She did well.

Namibia: This girl has something that shines.

Nicaragua: Sensuality. She knows how to work on stage.

Nigeria: Stunning style, gown and hair. Nice job!

Panama: Very good catwalk.

Peru: Vivacious catwalk. Red gowns were shining this night.

Philippines: Great! Haters probably gone mad after her good presentation. 

Poland: Very well job. Here she recovered from a not stunning swimsuit presentation. 

Puerto Rico: Well, we were waiting the front-runner show, and here we had. She hazarded, innovated, didn't bother to take the risk, wearing her hair up and a shocking yellow gown she impressed us, especially the diva glances in the close up, one of the best moments of the night.

Russia: Stunning gown. 

South Africa: What a gown! Unique. Wonderful style, innovative. 

Tanzania: Stunning presentation.

USA: Another culminating point of the show: Erin's closeup. Overpowering! A gift for the eyes.

Venezuela: The most tense moment, she had too much trouble in going down the stairs, but then her walk was fine.

Top 10 Favorite Gowns

South Africa









Puerto Rico

Best Overall Performances
(alphabetical order)
Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Korea, Nicaragua, Poland, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

Best Moments 
Bolivia's evening gown walk
USA and Puerto Rico's closeups during evening gown round.
Brazil's swimsuit presentation.

Best Bodies


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