Thursday, November 14, 2013

Miss Philippines Ariella Arida with such an uninspiring 

In the recently-concluded Miss Universe edition, the Philippines had once again catapulted to the winning circle for four consecutive years, courtesy of Ariella Arida who eventually emerged as Third Runner-Up duplicating Shamcey Supsup's feat two years ago.

However a lot of netizens and pageant aficionados around the world have echoed their firm disgust (including your blogger) over the Alfredo Barazza evening gown worn by Ariella during the finals which many believed could be the main culprit of her downwall. If only Ariella and the rest of the Pinay beauty queens before her had donned those equally superior, gorgeously-designed gowns, they could've placed higher and feasibly snatched the elusive crown with their commendable if not outstanding answer to the final question. One would say that it is not the gown itself, but how the delegate would carry it. While this theory is right, the overall aethetics of the gown still gives a massive impact to the one who wears it, its ingenuity weaves some magic to the wearer itself and its dexterity transforms a lass into a goddess. We also have to consider the fact that there are a number of topnotched candidates in the competition who are also capable of carrying their respective gowns excellently, the only main difference is that their gowns are way much prettier and exceptional.

The top five finalists with their evening gowns. The other delegates look so expensive
and exquisite donning their respective gowns while the Philippines looks sapless with
a no-brainer Alfredo Barazza gown. 

Alfredo Barraza is a Colombian designer and a dear friend of Madame Stella Marquez Araneta (the Colombian Chairpeson of Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. as well as the current franchise licensee holder of Miss Universe-Philippines) who had been creating gowns for the Philippine representatives in multifold years. Many had observed that his creations for the Colombian beauty queens are way superior than that of the Philippines' which led many to believe that he is ruthlessly sabotaging the Philippines' chances in the international beauty competition particularly in Miss Universe. But irregardless of how bad the gown is, the Philippines is still blessed and legendary for making it through the final five for four years in a row in the world's most prestigous beauty quest and seeing the Colombia senioritas clapped in the finals were quite unfortunate knowing that the master designer Alfredo Barazza had created such fabulous gowns for them far superior than those with the Filipinas'.

Miss Colombia Lucia Aldana in a classically Grecian Goddess-inspired evening gown. While Miss Philippines Ariella Arida is in strapless Mermaid-shaped yellow gown. 

What could be more fitting and breathtaking than watching our beauty queens clad in a gem-studded, brilliantly-crafted gowns designed by our very own world-renowned Filipino designers? I firmly believe that now's the time for Madame Stella to step up her game and finally grant the clamors of the Pinoy fans here and abroad or else we might lose the momentum and the opportunity to win the universe's most coveted crown. I bet our Pinoy designers are just as eager and willing to dress our Pinay beauty queens. 

Ariella Arida wearing a Filipiniana costume with an electric-pleated
lower bodice designed by Alfredo Barazza.

You can actually take part in the campaign that only local designers should be allowed to dress our own candidates by signing up HERE.


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