Friday, November 1, 2013

My friend, Xamantha Lee in Greek-inspired number. 

It must be a creepy feeling having to celebrate your birthday exactly on 'All Saints' Day' however I firmly believe that your cheerful disposition and positivity in life negates the dreary, weary-cattle feeling of the season besotted with bleak reminiscence of the undead.

Taken during last year's Halloween street party along Khaosan
road in Bangkok, Thailand.
That genuine warm camaraderie within you that you generously exudes even beyond the circle of your most trusted friends clearly defines how beautiful you are as a person and as a friend and we are just as fortunate to have known you. Today, notwithstanding the theme of the season, it is our pleasure to celebrate this wonderful day with you.

See how time flies! It really seemed like it was only yesterday when we celebrated your birthday donning our most prized, glitzy halloween garb strutting like Hollywood supermodel-wannabe around the festive corners of famed Khaosan road in Bangkok, venturing on the usual 'selfies' and endless pictorials:) Haha. I really miss those happy-go-lucky days and I just wish I could be there with you guys now (asap!).

Cliche as it may sound, but I really do wish you all the best
On top of the gentle giant. Last year's Elephant trekking
adventure in Thailand.
in whatever endeavors you have. It may take you slow in reaching out for your dreams but as long as you never lose hope and you have that faith burning deep within, you'll definitely get there by and by in God's own perfect time. May the odds always be on your favor and may the stars of the universe would grant all your heart's desires! Always wear that congenial smile and never fail to shine bright like a diamond irregardless of what life brings you. Happy Birthday frenny! 'Miss yah girl:)


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