Tuesday, May 20, 2014

watsaporn wattanakoon brought pride and glory to thailand by being the very first thai candidate to penetrate the highly coveted miss earth elemental court.she won miss earth water 2010.

blessed with fine porcelain features and one of the most bubbly personalities she has this HAPPY disposition that makes you  want to smile and laugh with her, she has become a staple of thai drama series having acted on several  of them. she is also an in demand host as well as commercial endorser for top products in thailand.despite of her success she never forgets her miss earth roots and is always proud of where she came from.she was present dring the 2012 miss earth pageant to relive her miss earth experiences, she is also very supportive of miss earth thailand candidates who have come after her.

one of the many drama series she starred in .she is one of thailands most in demand actress and tv host.


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