Monday, June 9, 2014

Miss Universe Thailand 2014, Weluree “Fai” Ditsayabut, has relinquished her crown due to depression as well as her family who has been affected by the bashers - She was suffering public criticism of perceived inappropriate remarks she made on social media, including anti-Red Shirt comments, and criticism of her “chubby” appearance. 

 When Fai was crowned many members of the audience at the show repeatedly shouted “Ellie, Ellie” and “Keep on fighting Ellie”, amid boos and jeers. (Pimbongkod “Ellie” Chankaew was the favorite of the audience who ended up as 1st runner-up.) 

 “At first, my family was happy for me when I was crowned. But there’s no more happiness following waves of criticism from the society,” Fai said. 

 Receiving hate mails and death threats, the beauty queen also hit back at comments on her looks. "Actually I'm fat, you animal!" read one post on her Twitter account, which has since been deleted. 

"I have decided to sacrifice my status as Miss Universe Thailand." Fai declared at today's press conference (June 9).  "I felt under pressure. I tried to improve myself but what I could not stand was to see my mother stressed."


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