Sunday, October 26, 2014

                                         "Peace be with you all from the city of Tokyo, Japan."
                                                          Philippines' Bianca Guidotti

Bianca Guidotti wasted no time to enjoy the beautiful sights and culture the moment she set her foot in the Land of the Rising Sun. She's one of the first 12 delegates who arrived early in Tokyo, Japan where the battle for the 54th title of Miss International will be staged. Together with the reigning Queen Bea Rose Santiago, Bianca and the rest of the gorgeous ladies from Belgium, Colombia, Estonia, Hungary, India, Israel, and Italy, Panama, Spain, United Kingdom, and Romania went on a tour and feted themselves on the lavish sceneries in Ginza, a Central district in Tokyo. 

Ginza is known as an upscale area in Tokyo, a haven for numerous world-renowned fashion houses' flagship botiques, luxurious coffeehouses, traditional tea shops and sumptuous restaurants.

 It's selfie time with the outgoing Queen Bea Rose Santiago and the aspiring successor Bianca Guidotti.
              The early birds who went on a tour in the Shopping District of Ginza, Tokyo, Japan!

Yesderday was the arrival of the rest of the delegates with the formal Orientation scheduled today followed by a Welcome Party to be hosted tonight.

A total of 77 candidates from around the world are expected to compete for the Miss International 2014 crown in Hiten Hall, Grand Prince Hotel, in New Takanawa, Tokyo, Japan on November 11, 2014.

                        Who are the early 'stand outs' in this group pic? Can you name them?

                                          Photo Credit: Stephen Diaz of Missosology.Org


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