Friday, November 21, 2014


During the Evening Gown competition of Miss Earth 2014 which was conducted in three separate occasions, Brazil's Leticia Silva, Russia's Anastasia Trysova, and India's Alankrita Sahai emerged as the Top 3 Gold winners in their respective groups.

India's Alankrita Sahai topped the judges' scoresheets for Group 1 and nabbed her first Gold medal, followed by Spain's Zaira Bas in Silver Medal and Tahit's Hereata Ellard in Bronze Medal. Special Awards from the Sponsors went to Puerto Rico's Franceska Toro as Miss Psalmstre and Nikola Brusanskà from Czech Republic as Miss Placenta.

For the Group 2, Brazil's Leticia Silva was proclaimed the ultimate best in Evening Gown and was awarded with the Gold Medal. Not so far from behind were the stunning delegates from Ukraine, Valeria Polo and Zambia, Cartier Zagorsk with their fabulous gown creations earning the Silver and Bronze Medals respectively. Hailed as Miss Oakwood was Clara Brito Medina of Dominican Republic. The competition was held inside the Oakwood Premier Joy Nostalg Center Manila.

Russia's Anastasia Trusova toppled the earth goddesses in Group 3 during the Evening Gown competition staged in Crimson Hotel, Filinvest City Manila with her elegant blue gown and served her with the Gold Medal honors. An inch closer to the top was Venezuela's Maira Alexandra Rodriguez in Silver Medal and USA's Andrea Neu in Bronze Medal. 

The Miss Earth delegates were divided into three groups as they compete for a variety of medal-earning activities that will surely help them nudge a spot in the Semi-finals.

The girls with the most number of medals will definitely have the greatest edge to land in the semi-final rounds of the Miss Earth Coronation night which will take place in the University of the Philippines Theatre, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines on November 29th.

More updates soon:) Congratulations ladies!



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