Friday, November 14, 2014

                                                                Hungary and Paraguay
During the Fashion Show held inside Green Sun Hotel's SOMA in Makati City, the Group 2 delegates of Miss Earth 2014 showcased their catwalk skills and projection expertise as they strutted the creations from the aspiring fashion designers of the Fashion Institute of the Philippines.

Among the 20 plus contenders that comprised the second group, Misses Hungary, Paraguay, Scotland, France, Colombia Switzerland, and Zambia gorgeously stood out from the rest. Check out some of the photogrids posted here and share your top picks:)

                                                                Scotland and France

                   Clockwise from the top: Egypt, Brazil, Ukraine, Reunion Island, and Slovenia

                      Clockwise from the top: Zambia, Panama, Korea, China, and Tonga

                 Clockwise from the top: Guam, Malaysia, Lebanon, Haiti, and Dominican Republic     

                        Clockwise from L-R: Mongolia, Switzerland, Latvia, and Botswana



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