Thursday, November 20, 2014


Thailand's Sasi Sintawee triumphed in achieving her first Gold Medal during the Swimsuit competition for Group 3 staged in Versailles Palace in Muntinlupa. She's followed by an equally dashing American beauty from USA Andrea Neu clinching Silver Medal and a Polish stunner from Europe Poland's Patrycja Dorywalska snatching a Silver medal.

Spain's Zaira Bas Gomi outshined the girls in Group 1 with her well-proportioned vital stat and vibrant swimsuit presentation which earned her a Gold Medal and was named Miss Phoenix Petroleum (Sponsor Award). Trailing behind her was Bolivia's Eloisa Guitierrez in Silver Medal and a beauty from the incredible India Alankrita Sahai grabbing the Bronze Medal. The competition was held inside the Solaire Resort Grand Ballroom.

The Miss Earth delegates were divided into three groups as they compete for a variety of medal-earning activities that will surely help them nudge a spot in the Semi-finals.

The girls with the most number of medals are poised to have the greatest edge to land in the semi-final rounds of the Miss Earth Coronation night which will take place in the University of the Philippines Theatre, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines on November 29th.

More updates soon:) Congratulations ladies!



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