Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Miss Earth 2013 Alyz Henrich of Venezuela. Who will
be her successor? 
Miss Earth 2013 (2nd from Right) with her Elemental Court - from L-R: Austria, Thailand (Dethroned) and Korea.

Last year's winners. From L-R: Korea (Fire), Austria (Air), Venezuela (Earth) and Thailand 

Two days from now, a new set of beautiful Earth Warriors will be crowned. Who do you think will make it in a sea of 85 competing 'earth-class' beauties?

Please allow me to present my own prediction list:

Venezuela in her National Garb. Would she
be able to pull off a back-to-back Miss Earth
crown for her country?
Venezuela's Maira Alexandra Rodriguez, Russia's Anastasia Trysova, Dominican Republic's Clara Brito Medina, USA's Andrea Neu, Colombia's Alejandre Villafañe Osorio, Pakistan's Shanjay Hayat, Australia's Nadine Roberts, Thailand's Sasi's Sintawee, Paraguay's Sendy Caseres, Hungary's Sydney Van Den Bosch's, Spain's Zaira Bas Gomi, Puerto Rico's Francesk Toro, Brazil's Leticia Silva, India's Alankrita Sahai, France's Laeticia Penmellen and the Philippines' Jamie Herrell are my Top 16 favorites for the most coveted crown of Miss Earth 2014.

Please take note, that these ladies are my own choices and just in case your delegates are not in my list, please don't be sad or angry. My judgment is primarily based on my own gut feel, personal taste and patriotism (if you may). Needless to say, the final results on the coronation gala might be greatly different from what's posted here. So take everything with a grain of salt:)

My Top 16 Beauties for Miss Earth 2014

Dominican Republic's Clara Brito Medina is undeniably the most visually-appealing
Dominican Republic in her
Traditional Attire.
colored contender this year and she's like a breath of fresh air seeing her in the midst of white-skinned beauties that would most likely dominate the Semi-Final rounds come coronation night. Colombia's señorita 
Alejandre Villafañe Osorio is an eye candy to gaze upon and I wouldn't be surprised if she'll be one of the Latinas who can take it all the way to the Top 16. While Pakistan's Shanjay Hayat may not have the the sash factor but considering that her country only graced the pageant stage once in a blue moon, it might turn out to be her edge, not to mention her pretty mysterious countenance. Misses Australia, Hungary, Puerto Rico and Brazil are the kind of beauties who can definitely hold a candle and steal the thunder against the favored front-runners.

The Possible Spoilers

Bolivia's Eloisa Gutierrez, Zambia's Cartier Zagorski, US Virgin Island's Esonica Viera and Nothern Ireland's Justine McEleney can be the strongest spoilers for the perennial favorites. They can literally spoil the final result, so watch out!

My Top 8 Beauties for Miss Earth 2014
The Dark Horse - Spain's Zaira
Bas Gomi has what it takes
to steal the limelight from the other
Alyz Henrich's well-deserved victory last year, might hinder Venezuela's Maira Alexandra Rodriguez from clinching the top plum unless if the MEO is ready for a back-to-back win. Maira greatly deserves to be crowned, but I think the organization might give the chance to other equally deserving contenders, after all Venezuela is always included in the winning circle for quite a number of years now. Could it be that Spain's Zaira Bas Gomi is the org's anointed one? While Zaira has an amicable personality and vibrant persona, I still couldn't see her as the ultimate winner, although an elemental crown is greatly plausible for this stunning lady. How about Alankrita Sahai from the incredible India? Would she able to duplicate Nicole Faria's accomplishment four years ago? I'm certain she can be a great spokesperson for the Mother Earth and I am hoping the odds would be in her favor on the judgment night, but at the moment I couldn't see her wearing the crown. Paraguay's Sendy Caseres might be a pleasant surprise and it would be lovely seeing her gorgeous head adorned with a crown.
Thailand, USA, Russia and the Philippines in their
National Costume. They are my Top 4 Fave Front-Runners.
My own set of Elemental Winners with the new Queen of the Earth 

Miss Earth Fire 2014 - Thailand's Sasi Sintawee

Sasi's naturally seductive-sweet flare and fierce vibes made her shine brighter among the bevy of beauties. She may not be as facially superior compared to her predecessor, but her flaws were easily overshadowed with her strengths. Her determination to succeed and surpass Polly's achievement last year is vividly as fierce and polish as her gorgeous well-toned curves.

Miss Earth Water 2014 - USA's Andrea Neu

She might be her country's highest Miss Earth placer to date should her lady luck will grant her wish on the final' eve. Without a doubt she is a modest stand out among the bunch of aspirants and would certainly be an excellent spokesperson and a brave protector for the Mother Earth.

Miss Earth Air 2014 - Russia's Anastasia Trysova 

Her beauty and willingness to serve Mother Nature is matched with a very interesting environmental advocacy. Although I see her as quite reserved and reticent, which is naturally inherent to most Russians, she seemed to be a very competitive woman and certainly knows when to give her knockout blows to anyone who would threaten her hold of the crown. She is a picture of classic elegance and imperial beauty.

Miss Earth 2014 - Philippines' Jamie Herrell

I didn't like her at first especially the night when she won the rights to represent the Philippines. But her transformation was just simply amazing! She kept on evolving, particularly in bringing out her best elements to the fullest as well as in stepping up her game. Her facial beauty is such a delight to stare upon and her wit is at par with excellence. She is also an outstanding speaker and if the Miss Earth Organization finds her heart to be true and willing to triumph its mission and vision, then a homecourt decision would be greatly feasible.

Good Luck Ladies! And Congratulations in advance! 


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