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Bea Rose Santiago will soon relinquish her crown on Tuesday. With 70+ delegates from around the world who are presently in contention, who will bag the title of Miss International 2014 and win the pearl-encrusted Mikimoto crown? 

Please allow me to present my personal choices, who in my opinion are the possible spoilers, finalists, and winners of the most awaited judgment night. I ranked them in four categories: Beauty and Charm, Communication Skills and Intelligence, Styling and Performance, and the last but not the least - my own 'Gut Feel'. So here they are:

The Spoilers:


These are the ladies who have the greatest potential to steal a spot in the finals from the leaders and front runners of the competition. The beauties from Russia, United Kingdom, Brazil, Panama, and Gabon can easily penetrate as finalists and can even outshine the more popular contenders if they'll be able to pull off a topnotch performance and styling in the grand finale.

The Finalists:

The beauties from Colombia, Netherlands, Thailand, Dominican Republic and Venezuela are the ladies who are the finalist material. They all possess the beauty, grace, wit, popularity, and even the sash factor like in the case of Venezuela however it ain't enough to topple the leading contenders and nudge an honorable placement in the top five. If their respective odds will be in their favor on the fateful eve, then I couldn't be happier seeing them all in the winning circle.

                                            10th Venezuela - Michelle Bertolini

The world's beauty superpower holds the most number of Miss International tiaras and apparently Michelle has what it takes to snatch another Mikimoto crown. After a clapping stint last year, Venezuela is back with vengeance and Michelle is armed with the necessary winning armaments to avenge her predecessor's non-placement during last year's edition. This girl, being Osmel's protegé should be watched out for, come finals.

                                    9th Dominican Republic - Barbara Santana

She is a charming Amazona with a towering height that would certainly keep you from looking up. If she'll don the right styling come finals paired with a stunning gown and impeccable speech, I'm certain that she'll be able to grab the spotlight and steal the thunder from the more popular front-runners.

                                           8th Thailand - Punika Kulsoontornrut

Polly's beauty is orientally classic! Those porcelaine skin, bright eyes, and bombshell curves are simply ravishing. She looks more regal and elegant with a perfect bun hairstyle. Although I want this Thai beauty to place higher, her communication skills might hinder her from clinching the top plum, not to mention her very recent dethronement issue with the Miss Earth organization which left an incredibly pretty bad taste in her pageant resume.

                                                  7th Netherlands - Shauny Bult

She is a real European stunner. Her beautifully-white complexion, ebony hair and gorgeous gray-colored eyes added some flair of elegance and mystery. She might end up surpassing her predecessor's runner-up placement last year, that if, she can impress the judges with her speech and eloquence.

                                                  6th Colombia - Zuleika Suarez

She is unmistakably the most attractive dark-skinned contender this year, and it might wonderfully work to her advantage considering that there are only very few internationally-gorgeous colored delegates in the competition coming from the African continent. If Guyana and Gabon will fall short (whom I see as the strongest African candidates), then don't be surprised to see this mulatta beauty penetrating the winning circle.

The Winning Circle:

They are the strongest contenders who can possibly snatch the Pearl-embellished Mikimoto crown. Given their charm, intelligence and beauty that can match their impressive resume, they are indeed leading the game and can be a topnotch ambassador of beauty, peace and goodwill. What set them apart aside from their captivating beauty and commanding presence, is their endearing personality paired with their outstanding performances in all areas of the competition - so far.

                                    Fourth Runner-Up: USA - Samantha Brooks

She's hot and gorgeous. Her fluid eloquence in the English language coupled with her charm and smartness can certainly give the front runners in the competition a run for their money. A more polished catwalk skills and tip top styling in the final rounds are what she direly needs to breeze through the top of the game.

                                    Third Runner-Up: Guyana - Ruqayyah Boyer

She may not be the most visually appealing among the African delegates this year, but her previous pageant experiences in Miss Universe 2012 and Miss World 2013 will definitely give her the ideas on how to safely navigate for a possible placement in the finals. And did I forget to mention that she purposely went to the Philippines just to train and prepare for this year's Miss International? We might also be seeing her donning a Filipino-designed, Leo Almodal evening gown creation in the finals that can certainly make her a stand out among her peers. So watch out! 

                                 Second Runner-Up: India - Jhataleka Malhotra

In 54 years, India has yet to win its first Miss International crown and it seems that with Jhataleka's presence, India might take its historic victorious win.  She has the facial beauty and intelligence to impress the judges and if her lucky stars will align on her favor come finals, then we might be seeing the Mikimoto pearl-encrusted crown on the gorgeous head of this Indian beauty.

                                    First Runner-Up: Mexico - Vianey Vasquez

In terms of physical beauty, she effortlessly lead the bunch of beautiful contenders. She is the epitome of 'gorgeousness'. A stunning beauty with an international appeal. If she can ace the Speech Portion in the competition, then there's no doubt she can bring home Mexico's third Miss International crown.

                             Miss International 2014: Philippines - Bianca Guidotti

She got the wit, the charm, beauty, confidence and the X factor to be the face of the Miss International Organization. With her impressive credentials that includes being able to speak several languages with nonchalant wit and intelligence, her experiences and sheer passion with humanitarian works as well as her warm and engaging personality, she can be an outstanding spokeperson and an excellent ambassadress to carry out the mission-vision of Miss International. If the organization is ready for a back-to-back win, then Bianca can definitely nail the competition and make a resounding winning history for the Philippines. 



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