Saturday, November 1, 2014


The Miss International delegates visited the historical city of Kawagoe!

Kawagoe is a core city in Saitama prefecture (region/province) designated by the Japanese national goverment. It is said to be the governmental as well as the commercial, and business center in Saitama.

The girls sighted the city's most prominent attractions like the the four-century old Bell Tower known as the Bell of Time and dubbed as the symbol of the city which rings three times a day since the 16th century.Notable sights also include the 500 Rakan statues at Kita-in, a famous Buddhist temple and the Kurazukuri Street which is in lined with traditional warehouses of the ancient Edo period.

Miss International pre-final activites are indeed lived up to its mission-vision - very educational, traditional and culturally-enriching! I am hoping the girls have enjoyed every moment of their journey towards the crown:)



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