Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It seems that the Filipino and Thai beauties are getting along well with each other in the competition. They're actually two of my most favorite candidates in this year's edition of Miss Supranational and seeing them all gorgeous and congenial in one photograph is just heartwarming. I have high hopes that these two stunning Southeast Asian contenders could easily nudge a spot in the Semi-final rounds with Pla getting the greater advantage than Yvethe. It would be an uphill battle for the Philippine representative this year considering that the reigning titleholder Mutya Johanna Datul also hails from the same country which Yvethe is currently representing.

The odds of achieving a back-to-back win may be quite far-fetched but not entirely impossible. I'm keeping my fingers' crossed though that the lucky stars of Yvethe would align to her favors come coronation night same as well with the Thai delegate. It's noteworthy mentioning that this is the second international pageant for Pla, the first one was this year's 2nd edition of Miss Grand International held in her homecountry which she placed as one of the finalists. 
Best of luck to both of you ladies and make your respective countrymen proud!



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