Wednesday, November 19, 2014


"A fabulous ball gown designed by Michael Cinco made of yellow Pailettes, in never ending layers of impalpable white tulle - this elegant sleeveless dress has a high neck and yellow fitted bodice which flares from the waist, with Pailettes fading out towards the bottom."

As shown in the Miss World website this is the 'Formal Evening Wear' which Valerie will be wearing on the Miss World 2014 season. It's not yet definite though whether it is the evening gown that she will be donning on the coronation night or is it the ones that she will be using for the World Designer/Top Model Competition because there are two possible gowns that are being considered, one for the Top Model and a glamourous evening gown for the grand finale. Both gowns are designed by the world-famous Dubai-based Filipino designer Michael Cinco.

The gown looks fabulous in still images and I can't wait to see how Valerie will look like in motion. Thank you very much Michael Cinco for such a gorgeously regal masterpiece. You're really the Best:)     



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