Wednesday, November 26, 2014

the miss earth 2014 ladies have put their best foot forward and made some highly outstanding videos that reflect their personality, their projects as well as the beauty of their countries in line with the pageants eco tourism theme. these five videos for me are the best of the bunch.

sri lanka - imaya liyanage

haunting , deep , reverberating , something that touches you from within. the message is very strong and the video was able to cover so many areas from history, to personal information, to charity and highlighting nature and the need to preserve it. this for me is the best eco video of 2014.

slovenia - patricia peklar

slovenia introduces her country and her advocacy in a very sexy and well crafted eco video. featuring eyecatching sceneries as well as showcasing the undeniable physical beauty patricia is blessed with. who says relevance and education can be boring. this video looks like a documentary that did not scrimp on production value. beauty , hotness and mother nature's best creations featured in one excellent presentation.

russia - anastasia trusova

russia continues its tradition of putting up one of the best videos in miss earth. anastasia conveyed to her audience that her country is a must visit place that everyone can enjoy. ambassadress par excellance!

austria - valerie huber

fresh , youthful, vibrant and sunny , valerie totally just made everyone want t book a ticket to austria. while watching this video it makes you feel bouncy ,happy and hopeful. it is positive , comprehensive and soul cleansing experience.

bolivia - eloisa gutierrez

eloisa's energy and enthusiasm to show the world the amazing beauty of her country can be felt  dancing to the beats of musical celebration. the passion and emotion mixed with the most stunning sceneries make for a perfect eco tourism video. the tourism authority of bolivia might have in its hands one of its most prized ambassadors. well done eloisa.


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