Tuesday, November 4, 2014

venezuela is known the world over as the beauty pageant powerhouse and has won the most crowns in the big league pageants more than any other country. if you are coming from the house of miss venezuela you are expected to be almost perfect, the most prepared , the most competitive and the most feared contestant.so all the girls who compete from miss venezuela's la quinta have to be at their top game, unfortunately stephanie de zorzi one of the biggest favorite at this years miss earth pageant did not meet the standards set by the very stringent team of miss venezuela organazation.part of being a winner is the responsibility to maintain a high level of discipline and maturity to maintain your physical beauty at its utmost , something stephanie de zorzi obviously missed as she gained so much weight and in the year she reigned as miss earth venezuela no environmental projects or charity work was seen. even though i love stephanie de zorzi and she was one of my favorites, osmel sousa and the organization did the right decision. this sends a strong message to future beauty queens to always work hard and be committed to the title given to you. millions of people aspire to get that crown , only a very privileged few get to realize that aspiration and live it , so take care of that crown treasure it and do the best you can to make that crown worthwhile and you worthy of it being awarded such.

unedited selfies by stephanie herself:

this is how stephanie looked like when she won the crown in october 2013

this is how stephanie looks like now october 2014, you be the judge


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