Friday, November 28, 2014

miss earth 2013 alyz henrich will hand over her crown in a few hours and on this note i would like to take a moment to say thank you and our deepest gratitude to you " MISS ALYZ HENRICH". it was a rocky start for you but in the end you have proven that you were a worthy queen and one of the best miss earth queens we ever had. you have revolutionized the miss earth pageant all accross latin america one of the areas miss earth still has a big market to grow. you have opened up this market in a big way introducing to that part of the world the most relevant pageant in have also made lasting impressions on all your travels which made so many bid for the miss earth pageant to be held in their own countries. this years pageant is a testament of how your hardwork and dedication has resulted in one of the best organized , widely sponsored miss earth 2014 pageant.thank you alyz, your exceptional beauty , your sexiness , your bright sunny personality and your commitment to the miss earth cause has further enriched the miss earth pageant for everyone in this earth to benefit. you are a shining star who shone bright so others can see, no words are enough to describe how you have touched so many lives, inspired countless people and made our earth a better one for our future generations to come. we salute you, we bow in respect and we look up with admiration and awe at this incredible beautiful woman , MISS EARTH 2013 ALYZ HENRICH OF VENEZUELA


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