Saturday, November 29, 2014

carousel productions went high gear in 2014 , the show was spectacular , modern and truly enjoyable. miss earth 2014 sealed the deal and just made miss earth one of the biggest force in pageantry. the stage is the best stage miss earth ever had since its inception, the lighting and video mapping effects on the background was pure brilliance. the opening one of the best opening in any pageant in history. the dance moves were upbeat ,the choreography was flawless , the energy and enthusiasm of the ladies palpable and it was nice to see all the girls given ample time to speak, pose and shout out their beloved countries to the millions watching.

top 16 announcement - timing was excellent, the excitement with every name called is nervewracking and the pace just right. huge improvement from previous years.

swimsuit show - music was apt as it makes the ladies groove on the catwalk and show what they got, the lighting made the girls looked so beautiful and stunning.

evening gowns - classy ,elegant and regal , i love this part the most the ladies really were able to show how royalty and how queens look in their best form.

q and a - this is the only part where it needs improvement , if the real translator of miss brazil actually showed up it would have been avoided, wonder what happened to priscilla meirelles.

crowning - it gave me goosebumps and made me fidgety , it was indeed a perfect climax to the most exciting and most releavnt pageant of 2014, miss earth.

the hosts joey and justin were a delight to watch, they did great.justin was so hot and joey exuding sexiness all throughout.

the winner is gorgeous and deserved it 100 percent. she was flawless the whole night , in every part of the competition she never waivered and was the ultimate graceful and beautiful queen.

i am so proud and would like to congratulate carousel productions for always striving their best to provide the best pageant experience not only to the girls but also to all the fans all over the world.


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