Tuesday, November 18, 2014

an irreponsible site has published a very biased and totally untrue article about miss earth.when you put accusations out like that be sure you support them with facts. this article obviously does not have any facts to support it since no one from the site is present to cover the miss earth pageant in person. so all these are hearsay and totally untrue ,non factual .you are somewhere else covering an unknown pageant because you got free airplane fares and hotel, so how can you even put those accusations out when you are not even there to witness the ongoing activities of miss earth. just because miss earth does not pay anyone to promote it and does not give free passes on anyone. miss earth is the fairest of all the big 4 pageant, winners and special awards are decided by judges and not by the organization itself. some countries do well every year because these countries send the best contestants who are complete packages and who know how to strategize thats why they win continuously. if miss earth were really unfair then they could have changed the result every year so the top 4 has more countries winning. but since miss earth is fair and does not cheat whatever the judges decide to put in the top 4 they are the winners even if it is the same countries every year not to please any site but to remain true to what the judges decide.it seems like that site is the one being irresponsible and unfair.

this is a personal blog and not officially associated with miss earth organization.


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