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Jamie Herrell's priceless reaction after she was proclaimed the new crown bearer of Miss Earth 2014

 Miss Earth 2014 crowning

Philippines crowned by Venezuela.
20 years-old Jamie Herrell from Cebu City gave the Philippines' its second Miss Earth crown when she captured the highest title during the recently-concluded 14th edition of the environment-centered beauty pageant held at the UP Theatre, Diliman Quezon City last Saturday (November 29th). 

During her exclusive interview on the Buzz, Jamie was asked about her advantage on winning the crown. "Honestly, I really don't know what it is. 'Cause all I just do is to enjoy on stage, and I'm just you know, enjoying the whole ride and the whole journey," said the gorgeous Cebuana beauty.
The new set of crowned environmental warriors. From L-R: Maira Alexandra Rodriguez (Miss Earth-Water 2014), Jamie Herrell (Miss Earth 2014), Andrea Neu (Miss Earth-Air 2014) and Anastasia Trusova (Miss Earth-Fire 2014)
The Buzz exclusive interview after her win.

Captivating in her blazing
red Leo Almodal evening 

In a field of 83 stunning beauties from across the earth(minus Miss France who withdrew from the competition for health reasons), Jamie claimed the most coveted crown of the night with her superb performances in all the segments of the competition. Leo Almodal's flaming red evening gown helped the beautiful Cebuana stood out among the throng of beauties coupled with her KF signature pageant catwalk skills and breathtaking runway projection. KF or the 'Kagandahang Flores' is the beauty camp who discovered and trained Jamie prior to her national pageant stint. 

The remaining Top 8 Finalists with Philippines announced as the rightful heir to the crown.
Jamie Herrell during the Swimsuit
Round final competition.
It is also the beauty camp who trained international beauty titleholders like Karla Henry who also hails from Cebu (Miss Earth 2008), Precious Lara Quigaman (Miss International 2005) Bea Rose Santiago (Miss International 2013), back-to-back Miss Tourism-International winners who are both from Cebu City, Rizzini Alexis Gomez (Miss Tourism-International 2012/13) and Angeli Dione Gomez (Miss Tourism-International 2013/14) and many more. But what really made Jamie won the heart of the judges and the crowd during that fateful night was her intelligent answer to the make-or-break final question.
Miss Philippines dons her Filipino-designed Leo Almodal creation during the Final Round of the Evening Gown competition
Jamie exudes confidence and
graceduring the final Q&A with
host Justin Brandon
During the question-and-answer round, Jamie was asked about her plans to reverse the effects of global warming if she wins the crown. "Global warming has been a long, overdue issue. That's why if I am crowned tonight, I will use my title to inspire others to help our environment and we will start with the kids because the kids are the people of tomorrow. If we teach them, they would also help the communities. And that's what I will do, if I'm crowned Miss Earth tonight." The crown was clearly imminent on her head when she nailed the final interview with a substantial response matched with her graceful eloquence.

Jamie Herrell flaunts her winning form during the Final's Swimsuit Competition
Philippines in 'euphoria' hugs the
outgoing Queen  Alyz Henrich of
Winning the crown especially in the winner's home turf is always followed with intrigues and lambasted with negativities from its bashers and unbelievers. When asked about her homecourt advantage during this year's edition, the undaunted newly-crowned Miss Earth confidently replied, "Sometimes you can't change the mind of the people who think that way, I just have to keep quiet on that. This is actually the home of Miss Earth, Philippines. It's a Filipino pageant, it started here. And for all of its 14 years, it's only been held once outside. And we've only won once before me, which was Karla Henry in 2008. So for me, it's not really a homecourt advantage, because at the end of the day, it really depends on how much you work for it, and if it's meant for you."
The candidates congratulates Miss Philippines after the coronation. Miss Netherlands is shown saying, Jamie is the rightful wearer of the Miss Earth crown.

Jamie Herrell's winning moments. 
As the new face and Ambassador of the Mother Nature-driven beauty organization, Jamie together with her elemental court winners will travel to the different countries overseas for a world-wide environmental protection campaigns. The Miss Earth Organization is highly recognized by the United Nations with its winner as the spokesperson of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and other world-renowned environmental organizations. 
Jamie Herrell of the Philippines - Miss Earth 2014
Congratulations Jamie Herrell! May you have a productive, successful reign! Thank you for bringing another glittering honor for the Philippines! We are so proud of you!
Miss Philippines Jamie Herrell garb in Sinulog Festival-inspired traditional dress during  the National Costume Competition held days prior to the finals. The Cary Santiago-designed masterpiece was awarded Silver Medal in the Asia-Pacific group.

Special Thanks to OPMB Worldwide and Miss Earth Org.for the High Definition Images


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