Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Miss Earth-Water 2014 Maira Alexandra Rodriguez Herrera
of Venezuela

Venezuela during the Swimsuit round
I thought Maira's journey in the recently-concluded Miss Earth beauty pageant would end in the Top 8 finalists considering that her compatriot Alyz Henrich won last year. But the Venezuelan beauty from Aragua was just undeniably unstoppable during the night, nailing all rounds of the competition with solid peformances. She aced the swimsuit and the evening gown rounds with her impressive catwalk skills and 'divalicious' projection. Although she answered in her own language during the final interview, her sincerity, as well as the train of thoughts and the needed confidence and conviction were just palpable. At the conclusion of the pageant, she was proclaimed and crowned as Miss Earth-Water 2014.

Miss Venezuela Maira Alexandra Rodriguez in her National Costume, Swimsuit and Evening Gown.

Maira's predecessor Stephanie de Zorzi was supposed to
Venezuela during the Opening
of Miss Earth 2014
compete this year, but the latter was hindered by the Miss Venezuela Organization from competing. "Sources state that after a modelling job in Mexico, she returned to Venezuela with a few more pounds. Osmel Sousa, the president of Miss Venezuela Organization, did not think she was the right weight to represent Venezuela at the Miss Earth 2014 pageant. Stephanie was replaced by Maira who was originally set to compete the following year. However Osmel clarified, that de Zorzi wasn't dethroned as she was able to finish her reign as Miss Earth Venezuela." (Wikipedia.Org).

Maira Alexandra Rodriguez glowing in her yellow dress.

Now, here's the question, what could be Stephanie de Zorzi's placement had she competed in this year's edition of Miss Earth? Would she share the same fate with her successor Maira Alexandra Rodriguez Herrera? What do you think?


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