Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Miss World 2013 - Megan Young of Philippines

Happy One Year and 74th day Megan!

Today is the 439th day (1 year and 74 days) of Megan Young's reign as Miss World. She sets the record as the second Miss World titleholder with the longest completed reign after the very first Miss World winner, Sweden's Kerstin Håkansoon in 1951 who held her title for 1 year and 90 days. 

Megan Lynne Young did not only capture the Philippines' first Miss World crown and made a breakthrough mark in the Philippine pageantry. She really took it to heart the promise she had uttered during her coronation in Bali, Indonesia that she would endeavor to become the "Best Miss World - ever!"Her words of commitment eventually translated into remarkable deeds sealed with excellence and peerless sincerity as she upholds the core values of being Miss World and becomes the embodiment of the organization's mission-vision. She braved the adversities and defied the odds so she could rise above the challenges of carrying out her duties and responsibilities, which she did deliver with flying colors!

Megan Young during her visit at the Pediatric Oncology Unit of La Misericordia Hospital in Bogota, Colombia

As a matter of fact, the Miss World Organization has
Miss World 2013 in one of her charity visits
in the Philippines.
extended her tenure for two more years. They have seen how exceptionally dedicated Megan is towards her work. Although she will pass on the crown to her next successor on December 14th, Megan will still continue her philantrophical work with Miss World. Julia Morley, MWO's CEO said during her recent visit in the Philippines that she's 'honored' to have Megan in their organization. "She's doing a great job so far. I say 'so far' because her work does not end when she crowns her successor," said Mrs. 
Morley. "Once a Miss World graduates, on her second year, she continues to do work with the organization. By that time, she has fully understood, "Beauty with a Purpose", Mrs. Morley stated. Beauty with a Purpose is the charity run by the Miss World Organization. According to the officials from the organization, not all winners of the beauty pageant were asked to continue working with the organization, but Megan Young's stint will be extended for two more years, which is a rare occurence for any winner.

Miss World 2013 Megan Young brings joy to young patients at Philippine General Hospital

Indeed, her reign proves to be a wellspring of inspiration and joy not only to the Filipinos but to the world at large as she gives life to the organization's humanitarian projects in a global scale.

Her commitment to the cause of Miss World as well as her unrivaled charm raised the bar higher, and lives out the noble essence of being a Miss World titleholder - an emblem of hope and an exemplar of a purpose-driven beauty. 

God Bless your heart Megan Young, and may you continue on to be an inspiration and a blessing to the world!

     Miss World 2013 Megan Young in her Beauty with a Purpose Campaign around the world


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