Friday, December 5, 2014

Miss World Philippines 2014 Valerie Clacio Weigmann

Watch the video above how articulate and endearing Miss Philippines is as she answers questions about her Miss World journey. Find out her heartwarming answer on what could be the very main reasons why she chose the arduous path of becoming a beauty queen when she's already successful as a celebrity, tv host, entrepreneur, and a bankable print/ad/ramp model in the Philippines. Find out as well her substantial response to the common question pertaining to the relevance of beauty pageant in our society and the biggest challenges that women face today across the world. Also get to know more as she talks about her personal advocacy which is Musikaramay and her wonderful experiences in meeting more than 120 beauty delegates from around the globe in the presently contested Miss World 2014 in the English capital.

P.S. Please don't forget to VOTE for Valerie. Kindly download the application HERE to cast your vote. And to know a little bit more about the mechanics, you may follow this  LINK. Try also to visit and like her facebook page -Miss World Philippines and interact with her as much as you can. This will greatly help as she vies for the Multi Media Fast Tract Challenge.

Let the Filipino 'Bayanihan' Spirit stay alive in our hearts as we wish and support our beautiful Miss World Philippines Valerie Clacio Weigmann for a back-to-back Miss World crown!



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