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Miss World 2013 - Megan Young of the Philippines.
Who will inherit her crown this year?

Starting from now, I would only be making my Top Picks exclusively for the world's highly recognized, well-established and most prestigious Alpha pageants - the Elite 4 namely: Miss UniverseMiss WorldMiss Earth and Miss International

Miss World 2013 Winners held in Bali, Indonesia last year: From Left to Right - France's Marine Lorphelin (First PrincessPhilippines' Megan Young (Miss World 2013) and Guyana's Carranzar Naa Shooter (Second Princess). 

Philippines' first Miss World -
Megan Young in her Francis
Evening Gown
In just a matter of five days, we will be witnessing yet another gallant coronation finale of Miss World 2014. In a sea of 124 world-class beauties from across the globe, who will emerge triumphant as the new successor of the outgoing Miss World 2013 Megan Young of the Philippines?

Do you have your best bets already picked as early as now? Well, let's see if your minds jive in the same direction as mine. I personally chose my Top Picks for this year's 64th edition of Miss World based on the following criteria: Fast Tract Performance, Overall Personality and Presentation, Intelligence and Communication Skills, Beauty with a Purpose Project and Sash Factor.

And here are my Top 20 Miss World 2014 Picks, in no particular order:

Miss World 2014 Top 20 Hotpicks!

20. Iceland's Tanja Yr, 19. Dominican Republic's Dhio
Lebanon's Saly Greige. 
Moreno Romero, 18. Mongolia's Battsetseg Turbat, 17. Netherland's Tatjana Maul,16. South Sudan's Awien Kuanyin-Agoth  15. Moldova's Alexandra Caruntu, 14. Mexico's Daniela Alvarez Reyes 13. Turkey's Amini Gulsey, 12. China PR's Du Yang, 11. Indonesia's Maria Asteria Sastrayu Rahajeng 10. Lebanon's Saly Greige, 9. Philippines' Valerie Weigmann, 8. Puerto Rico's Genesis Davila, 7. England's Carina Tyrell, 6. Hungary's Edina Kulcsar 5. Australia's Courtney Thorpe 4. Russia's Anastasia Kotsenko 3. India's Koyal Rana 2. Trinidad and Tobago's Sarah Jane Waddell and 1. South Africa's Rolene Strauss comprised my Top 20 bets for the Blue Crown!

A Top Model finalist, South Sudan's prime beauty made her presence felt as one of the tough competitors to be watched out for. This beautiful Sudanese with her endless longer limbs is every inch a world-class Top Model in the making.

South Sudan's Awien Kuanyin-Agoth
during the Top Model Competition
where she's named, one of the Top 20
Iceland's Tanja Yr, Moldova's Alexandra Caruntu and Netherland's Tatjana Maul have one thing in common aside from their naturally-ravishing eyes - they all personify Miss World's angelic persona and embodies the sweet-girl prototype, while the beautiful Asian delegates from China PR's Du Yang, Mongolia's Battsetseg Turbat and Indonesia's Maria Rahajeng got the greater edge to grab a semi-final placement because their respective countries have hosted the Miss World beauty pageant in the most recent years. I'm not saying they're not deserving to earn a spot, but their hosting stint would surely add some extra brownie points in Julia Morley's heart. Indonesia's Maria is not only competitive, she's also orientally gorgeous and an outstanding speaker, so the chances are high that she'll earn Ms. Julia's nod.

Miss World 2014 Spoilers!
Thailand's Nonthawan Maeya Thongleng, Ireland's Jessica Hayes Finland's Krista Haapalainen and Haiti's Carolyn Desert are very determined contenders who will bend overbackwards to win the crown. They can be the ultimate spoilers of the night and might give us a pleasant surprise!
Miss World 2014 Top 10 Hotpicks: From L-R - 1.Russia 2. South Sudan 3. Lebonon 4. India 5. Australia 6. Hungary 7. Puerto Rico 8. England 9. South Africa 10. Philippines

India's Koyal Rana.Top Model Finalist
and Designer Winner. Is Koyal the
anointed one?
After 14 years of winning their 5th Miss World crown, India's Koyal Rana is gunning her country's 6th. Would she be able to beat the odds and achieve her main objective? Koyal is certainly living up the expectations to date being one of the top contenders for the fast tract events, but my gut feel tells me that a Top Ten finish is the most that she can get and I'm still hoping though that she'll gonna prove me wrong. England's Carina Tyrell
England's Carina Tyrell during
the Top Model competition.
Will the hometown girl
may not be facially superior but her communication skills is impressively commendable, not to mention her edge as the host delegate and her active involvement in various charitable organizations years before she enlisted in the beauty with a purpose competition. While Lebanese beauty Saly Greige as well as the Russian bombshell Anastasia Kotsenko both exude a commanding, goddess-like stance which could easily mesmerize the crowd.

The Winning Circle: Top 6

6. People's Champion - My hunch is telling me that Nepal's Subin Limbu might be this year's People's Champion. Our Asian neighbors are very determined to nab the coveted wildcard spot and hopefully win their country's first Miss World tiara. Strong alternates would be Indonesia and Thailand.

5. Australia - Courtney Thorpe 

After four decades since Australia's win in 1972, the blonde beauty from the Land Down Under is on fire for her country's third Miss World crown. A Mass Communications university student, Courtney would certainly ace the most nerve-racking interview round of the competition. Let's see if she'll be able to crack into the winning circle of 6! Strongest alternate will be Koyal Rana of India. Rumors are loud that the gorgeous Indian beauty is Julia Morley's current bet. But after a failed attempt to impress the crowd during the Oxford Debate, where it was made known to the public her weak public speaking skills and inability to maintain the inimitable grace under pressure, I'm quite uncertain now whether she's the best girl to win the crown.

4. Russia - Anastasia Kotsenko

Just like Courtney, this multi-talented Baltic beauty from Russia is also gunning for her country's third Miss World win. Would she be able to topple down the other front runners in the competition? Her gorgeous stance screams Miss World, let's find out on the judgment night if her lucky stars will align on her favor. Strong alternates for the spot are Saly Greige of Lebanon and Hungary's Edina Kulcsar with the latter being more poised to grab Russia's spot.

3. Miss World 2014 Second Princess: Puerto Rico - Genesis Davila

Miss World is also celebrating the diversity of women's beauty around the world.  It's no wonder why more often than not, at least one deserving colored delegate makes it to the winning circle.In most cases, this spot is usually occupied by a Black African delegate but this time around since Rolene Strauss of South Africa is the top bet in the African continent, I'm giving it to another beautiful colored delegate regardless of the country she's representing. And my ultimate pick for the spot is none other than Puerto Rico's Genesis Davila. The Puerto Rican mulatta basically hits two birds with one stone in the competition. She best represents the beauty and intelligence of dark-skinned women across the globe plus she's also bannering the flag of the Caribbean beauties in Latin America. Strong alternates would be Haiti or South Sudan and even the Dominican Republic.

2. Miss World 2014 First Princess: South Africa - Rolene Strauss

If you're going to follow the fast tract event winners that have been revealed to the public, South Africa's charmer, Rolene Strauss is by far the girl to beat in the finals. She is the 'Megan Young' of this year's edition. Just like Megan, Rolene is the perfect embodiment of tempered elegance and sophistication, a goddess of beauty who's not scared to get her hands dirty. She is a modern cultured woman who can well expresss her thoughts with the choicest of diplomatic words with regards to the different global issues that society is facing nowadays. However despite her topnotch performance, I am feeling that Rolene would only settle as the First Princess. The organization might not be crowning a Megan Young prototype this year, and the Miss World matriarch might be in the hunt for a different flavor this time.

1. Miss World 2014: Philippines - Valerie Clacio Weigmann

My Top Choice for Miss World 2014

Philippines' Valerie Clacio Weigmann is clearly one of the best underdogs in this year's search, an underdog that might pull a breathtaking surprise come finals! Miss World beauty pageant has become more predictable and less exciting with its fast tract winners who in most cases, turn out to be the ultimate crown bearers in the coronation finale. And I bet this time would be different! An equally deserving underdog who personifies the Miss World's mission-vision might be the organization's flavor of the year:)

If there is one woman in the competition who vividly epitomized the Beauty with a Purpose slogan of Miss World, Valerie Weigmann is the best choice. She started her personal advocacy Musikaramay, years before she was urged to join by her Eat Bulaga TV noontime show co-host and friend Paolo Ballesteros to join the national beauty search of Miss World. Valerie who is already a successful print/runway model, tv host, humanitarian figure and entrepreneur didn't just jump on the whim for the sake of increasing her popularity rating. She realized that Miss World is the best platform to showcase her Musikaramay advocacy whose main goal is to help the indigenous tribes in the Philippines and her sincerity to triumph the project is just palpable. And through the world's most prestigious and highly-esteemed beauty pageant, Valerie is taking it to the next level of championing the cause of the marginalized, less privileged people around the world.

While the mission for a back-to-back crown seems to be impossible, I believe that Ms. Julia Morley will give the blue crown to the girl who best possess the qualities of Miss World regardless of her ethnic or racial affiliation. A two-year win from the same country is nothing new for the largest and longest-running beauty derby. Sweden, England and India are prime examples. 

So the quest for the next successor of Miss World 2013 Megan Young of the Philippines would certainly be a tug-ó-war between the two groups - the front-runners and the underdogs. Who will win? Let's find out on the coronation gala which will be staged 'LIVE' from ExCel London, London, England on December 14th, Sunday! Don't miss it!


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