Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The beauty, the curves and the evening gown are just perfection at its best:)

Miss Universe Philippines 2014
I just couldn't get enough of Mary Jean:) She ain't just camera-ready, she's also picture-perfect!

Despite the long and exhausting flight from Manila to Miami and not to mention the gridlocked MU schedule which started right after their arrival,our bet still managed to remain fresh, alluring, and stunning especially with the recent evening gown pictorial where she wore a ravishing red masterpiece created by no less than our very own designer Kim Gan. 

How much more when she'll be able to get the much needed rest she deserved? Needless to say, I'm getting more excited with the upcoming events and the still images of our queen:)

A close-up smile with a mesmerizing set of eyes. Just gorgeous!


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