Friday, January 23, 2015

Evening Gown round:

Angola: Zuleica was looking very beautiful as always, she shone in that gown.

Aruba: Digene was showing too much, we can not deny that that called attention.

Australia: Very beautiful gown and presentation.

Bahamas: She was looking very good.

Bolivia: Very unique gown.

Colombia: Paulina resembled very much Gabriela Isler, very confident about what she wants to do.

Czech Republic: Literally shining. It was good.

Dominican Republic: Zuleyka Rivera’s pupil? Amazing walk, posture, hairstyle.

France: She is beautiful, even if she is not “fierce” on stage, her beauty can be noted by miles away.

Georgia: Red hair + red gown actually looked good.

Germany: WOW! What a beautiful face and shining smile! Surprisingly good presentation wearing such an eccentric gown for pageants.

Ghana: Confidence! She has it!

Guyana: What a majestic face! Amazing gown, bright smile, good catwalk. Her style was on point!

Haiti: Very pleasant presentation.

India: Wonderful

Indonesia: Good style, gown and catwalk.

Israel: Doron is so beautiful and tall. She looks a bit “tomboy” though. With more confidence and preparation she could have been one of the top contenders.

Italy: VAVAVOOM! Valentina knows what to do on the stage. She should consider running a school.

Japan: Beautiful walk. She was a surprise. Those “waves” she did with her hands were remarkable.

Lithuania: This “Walt Disney Princess” is so gorgeous! Beautiful presentation, posture, catwalk. Who could imagine that a grey gown would make she shine like this?

Mexico: Oh-My-Gosh! The way she turned her body on the stage was perfect! Gorgeous gown, posture, catwalk. Josselyn has never looked so beautiful like this. What a surprise!

Philippines: MJ is captivating, but she deserved a better gown.

Puerto Rico: Gabriela was good.

Russia: Queenly

Singapore: What a gown!

South Africa: She looked so beautiful. The gown was on point for her beauty.

Spain: Hairstyle, smile, gown, eyes, everything was so perfect that she seemed unbeatable.

St. Lucia: Roxanne is underrated due to her sash, but she was beautiful.

Thailand: Tall, beautiful, correct catwalk, nice gown. She did very well.

Ukraine: The best. Beauty, style, gown, catwalk and that seductive wink.

USA: Another “OMG” moment. Stunning gown! Nia Sanchez’s performance was amazing.

Venezuela: A bit chubby, but she looked good.

Swimsuit round:

Angola: Beautiful body, catwalk and smile.

Argentina: Valentina’s body shape draws attention. Her hair messed up a bit her presentation, but she has a good catwalk.

Aruba: She definitely went to an explosive catwalk, she tried.

Bahamas: Her face is beautiful, but her legs should be slightly thinner. She is one of the best representatives of her country until now.

Belgium: That regular beautiful girl, with regular body shape. It may be good. Sometimes the “girl-next-door kind” is what the judges are looking for.

Bolivia: Very good body shape.

Brazil: Melissa went down the stairs very well but she performed strange movements during the runway. Her facial beauty and will is remarkable though.

Colombia: Amazing body. Can we look at anything else?

Czech Republic: May be that blonde who doesn’t try hard and happens to be semi-finalist. 

Ecuador: She was ok. No mistakes.

France: Again, she is beautiful.

Guyana: Perfect catwalk, smile and beauty. Niketa’s belly should be better shaped to let people even more amazed.

Haiti: She has a nice catwalk.

India: Noyonita had the excitement but she didn’t look good this round.

Indonesia: Very well trained catwalk.

Israel: Beautiful long legs and face.

Italy: Wonderful body and catwalk.

Mexico: Her abs deserves congratulations. Ponytail suits her very much. The vivacity of the catwalk will lead her very far in the competition.

Nigeria: She gave tips on how to stay fit and it sounded ironic.

Philippines: Good catwalk and body.

Puerto Rico: In spite of her too strong facial features, Gabriela has a safe catwalk to take one spot on the semifinals.

Russia: Maybe too skinny, but she was not bad.

Serbia: Andjelka is so beautiful and lovable, let’s hope that judges could see it.

South Africa: Stunning style. Ziphozakhe resembles Nicki Minaj’s face and body.

Spain: Seems to be the Miss Universe of the audience. She shone indeed, but her tattoo is distracting and her body is not very in shape.

St. Lucia: What a waistline!

Thailand: She did very well again.

Ukraine: Perfect.

USA: Played the safe game.

Venezuela: If only she was not chubby, the “back-to-back” could come.

Overall best performances: 
Ukraine, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, USA, Guyana, Italy, Lithuania, Dominican Republic, Indonesia and Thailand.

Good performances (overall):
Angola, Argentina, Australia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Israel, Jamaica, Philippines, Puerto Rico and Russia.

Top 5 standouts in Evening Gown:

Top 5 standouts in Swimsuit:

Best surprises:


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