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12 Beautiful Asians for the 63rd Miss Universe (From Top Left to Right: Philippines (Mary Jean Lastimosa), Indonesia (Elvira Devinamira), Thailand (Pimbongkod Chankaew), India (Noyonita Lodh), Kazakhstan (Aiday Issayeva), Malaysia (Sabrina Beneett), Singapore (Rathi Menon), Korea (Ye Bin Yoo), Myanmar (Sharr Htut Eaindra), China (Yanliang Hu), Japan (Keiko Tsuji) and Sri Lanka (Avanti Marianne).

There are currently 12 Asian delegates vying for the DIC crown. Who do you think will make waves on the grand coronation night? Aside from their impressive resume and commendable presentation skills, let us take a closer look on their 'Sash Factor' particularly in each of the country's Top 5 winning achievements since the inception of Miss Universe pageant in 1952. 

Clockwise from the top: Philippines (Mary Jean Lastimosa), India (Noyonita Lodh), Thailand (Pimbongkod Chankaew) and Japan (Keiko Tsuji).

At this point of time, out of the 12 main Asian countries presently in hot contention, only Philippines, Japan, India and Thailand were able to clinch the crown throughout the Miss Universe six-decade history and these countries won the title 
not just once but twice. 

Philippines leads the pack and is legendary with a record-breaking four-year consecutive winning streak in the Top 5 since 2010. The Pearl of the Orient Seas achieved 2 Fourth Runners-Up (1975,2010), 5 Third Runners-Up (1963,1980,1984,2011,2013)2 First Runners-Up (1999,2012) and 2 Miss Universe titleholders (1969,1973).

The Land of the Rising Sun comes in second with the most number of Top 5 wins. Japan was able to nab 1 First Runner-Up (2006), 1 Second Runner-Up (1953), 2 Third Runners-Up (1970,1988), 3 Fourth Runners-Up (1955,1969,2003) and 2 Miss Universe winners (1959,2007). 

Not so far from behind is the Incredible India. The Land of Colours was able to snatch 1 Fourth Runner-Up (2001), 1 Third Runner-Up (1966), 1 Second Runner-Up (1992), 1 First Runner-Up (1995) and 2 Miss Universe titleholders (1994,2000).

L-R: Malaysia (Sabrina Beneett) and Singapore (Rathi Menon)
While the Land of Smiles is proud with their 1 Runner-Up placement and 2 Miss Universe tiaras. Thailand won a Second Runner-Up spot last 1966 and the crown for two times in 1965 and 1988). 

L-R: Korea (Ye Bin Yoo) and China (Yanliang Hu)
Still in the hunt for their first ever win are the hopeful beauties from Korea, China, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Indonesia and Myanmar. Korea and China may not have won the top plum but they already have their shares of Top 5 placements. The Land of the Morning Calm was able to clinch 1 Fourth Runner-Up (1963), 1 Third Runner-Up (2007) and 1 First Runner-Up (1988) respectively. While the Sleeping Giant managed to grab 1 Second Runner-Up (2002) and 1 Fourth Runner-Up (2011) since China officially joined the Miss Universe contest in 2002. 

So are we seeing another Top 5 winning moment from the two-time crown achievers on the most awaited coronation finale? Or is it high time for the non-winning territories to claim their rightful spot in the finals?

L-R: Indonesia (Elvira Devinamira) and Myanmar (Sharr Htut Eaindra)


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