Wednesday, January 14, 2015

MU Austria 2014 Julia Furdea and MU Australia 2014 Tegan Martin

While Austria's Julia Furdea is still gunning for her country's first ever Miss Universe tiara, Australia's Tegan Martin is already in the hunt for Aussie's third. Who among of these two beautiful ladies will be luckier enough come final's night?

Twenty-two years old Tegan Martin who stands at 5'10 finally won the rights to represent the Land Down Under on her third try. She's currently pursuing a Bachelor of Nutritional Medicine and hopes to emerge victorious in Miss Universe. While the 20 year-old Austrian beauty Julia Furdea may not be the netizens' huge favorite to bag the  crown however it is undeniable that Julia's sweet and refreshing persona makes her a stand out from the rest. Julia who stands at 5'9" currently puts her studies at the University of Vienna on hold as she banners her country's sash in the hotly-contested Miss Universe 63rd edition.

Let's see who will outshine who on the grand coronation finale. But I am hoping both will make it big!


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