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Who will inherit Gabriela Isler's crown?

The Preliminary Competition was undoubtedly the game changer in coming up with my Top 15 beauties who might walk away with the Miss Universe crown barely two days from now. Narrowing the ladies down from 88 to 15 was the hardest part considering that there are a lot of gorgeous and well- accomplished women in this batch who delivered a topnotch performance throughout the competition which in turn greatly deserved the most coveted spot in the finals. But there's only 15 slots available given and those who will make it as the first cut of winners will battle it out to clinch the title and the crown as the fairest and the brightest woman in the universe. So who do you think will be the luckiest successor of Gabriela Isler come coronation finale? Let's see if we have the same contenders in my list:)

My shortlisted Top 25 Contenders

63rd Miss Universe Top 25 Hotpicks

My Top 15 Semi-Finalists

The Top 15 Semi-Finalists: L-R from the top - USA, Argentina, South Africa, Serbia, Ukraine, Jamaica, Russia, Colombia, Spain, Philippines, Venezuela, Indonesia, Brazil, India and Puerto Rico

Indonesia - Elvira Devinamira

Indonesia - Elvira looked fab with her Swarovski-studded evening gown and gave a decent peformance during the preliminaries. However there were times when she looked so stiff as she walked on stage and her poses were just so pageant patty. She should learn to loosen up and master the graceful way of a seasoned beauty queen to topple the front-runners.

Puerto Rico - Gabriela Berrios

Puerto Rico - She's giving me a Victoria's Secret angel vibe everytime she struts on the runway wearing her two-piece bikini. A well-defined jawline, enchanting eyes coupled with a modelesque lean figure and an olive-embellished skin tone made her a stand out among her peers. Her pasarela and communication skills are also commendable not to mention her congenial, warm personality.

Venezuela - Migbelis Castellanos

Venezuela - I can identify a handful of her competitors who could easily outshine her on stage. Although Migbelis is an outstanding performer, her weight as well as the visible body fats are just undesirable to stare upon. But considering that she's wearing the 'Venezuela' sash and the competition is staged in Doral dubbed as the little 'Venezuela' in America, it's just too risky not to include her in the Top 15 Semi-finalists. Expect a thunderous cheers and massive support from her fellow Venezuelan who will rally behind her come finals. 

Brazil - Melissa Gurgel

Brazil - I was expecting so much from Melissa knowing that she's carrying the Brazilian flag. Yes she peformed well during the preliminaries but ain't good enough to wow the judges. Maybe she was just tired and will give her utmost best on the finals where it matters the most. A strong sash factor plus a gorgeous face and an acceptable performance in the preliminaries would still commend a Top 15 finish on the finale for this petite Brazilian bombshell.

India - Noyonita Lodh

India - Prior to arrival, I was actually rooting for Noyonita to land in the Top 5. But as the competition grows stiffer, I was quite disappointed with what I have seen especially when she incorporated dancing in her catwalk during the Yamamay Swimwear presentation and even during the preliminaries. Her see-through evening gown portrait which she exposed too much skin was also a letdown. But Noyonita's facial beauty is just picture-perfect and with Trumps' business ventures in India, I'm pretty certain that the Indian beauty can still snatch a spot in the Semi-Finals.

My Top 10 Finalists

The Top 10 Finalists: L-R from the top - Colombia, Philippines, Jamaica, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, USA, Argentina, Serbia and South Africa

USA - Nia Sanchez

USA - Nia Sanchez performed well during the preliminary competition however she certainly did not exceed nor meet my expectations. I was expecting she'll do better and gave us a knock out pasarela performance knowing that she's been into pageants for a couple of times before she clinched the USA crown. However it's not what I have witnessed during the preliminaries but knowing she' wearing the USA sash plus the homecourt advantage, I know this girl has already a reserved spot in the finals.

Argentina - Valentina Ferrer

Argentina - Valentina proved to everyone after the preliminary that a non-powerhouse country can be a real threat for the crown. Her uber gorgeous beauty and an A-list performance greatly deserved an A mark in the judges' scoresheets. She's an outstanding Latina stunner and she can certainly give the front-runners a run for their money come finals.

South Africa - Ziphozakhe Zokufa

South Africa - It's not that the MUO will be tagged as racist if there will be no woman of color who can penetrate as a finalist, but this South African barbie deserves to be in for all the good reasons. Her exotic beauty and charm is definitely a breath of fresh air in a pool of white-skinned contenders.

Serbia - Andjelka Tomasevic

Serbia - I believe it's high time for Serbia to shine in the universe! Andjelka is just simply a beauty to behold and you can't just ignore such a winsome stunner. Her amicable personality coupled with an uber gorgeous angelic stance will really do great wonders in the competition. If she wants to be in the Top 5 then she should wear a more captivating evening gown come finals.

Ukraine - Diana Harkusha

Ukraine - Statuesque and gorgeous, this Ukrainian stunner is certainly a shoo in for the Top Ten finalists. She owns the stage like a Queen and her beauty is captivating. I wasn't rooting for her at first, but she blew me away with her preliminary performance and regal stance.

My Magic Five

The Top 5: L-R - Colombia, Spain, Jamaica, Philippines and Russia

Jamaica - Kaci Fennell

4th Runner-Up: Jamaica - Kaci Fennell reminds me of Miss Universe 2010 Fourth Runner-Up Venus Raj of the Philippines except that the latter got a more bubbly personality and the former sported a shorter hairdo in the competition. Just like Venus, the Jamaican stunner epitomizes sheer elegance and sophistication. They displayed so much class and elan as they sashayed on stage and their presence elicit attention. Let's see if Kaci can ace the final question if she'll be lucky enough to crack into the winning circle.

Russia - Yulia Alipova

3rd Runner-Up: Russia - Yulia Alipova is the ultimate personification of emperial elegance and class. She is like the reincarnation of the ancient Russian aristocrats and her beauty commands such persona. Good thing, the Russian bet has a pleasant personality and definitely not an airhead. With Russia's hosting stint during the 2013 edition combined with Yulia's classy performance, my gut feel is telling me that a Top 5 finish awaits for this Baltic beauty.

Colombia - Paulina Vega Dieppa

2nd Runner-Up: Colombia - When it comes to excellence in facial beauty and banging body Paulina has it all. The Colombian beauty is almost a perfect fit for the DIC crown however the rumored issues regarding her not-so-adorable attitude might cost her the most coveted honor. On the other hand, Paulina's shimmering gown designed by Alfredo Barazza was just extra fabulous and that the one he made for Miss Philippines was obviously a downgrade compared to what Paulina donned on stage. What's worst is that it highlighted MJ's waterloo! Sabotage? What do you think 'karma' has to say on the most awaited finale?

Spain - Desiree Cordero 

1st Runner-Up: Spain - Have you seen how Spain mesmerized the crowd during the Preliminary? Desirée was simply divine and breathtaking! The Spanish beauty is every inch a Miss Universe material from head to toe. Her preliminary performance exceeded my expectations and if she'll do well on the finals, she might surpass her predecessor's First Runner-Up placement last year and finally get the crown. 

Philippines - Mary Jean Lastimosa

63rd Miss Universe: Philippines - After a four-year uninterrupted Top 5 winning streak, I believe the time is very ripe for the Philippines to win its third Miss Universe crown. Mary Jean Lastimosa has what it takes to be the face and ambassadress for the Miss Universe Organization. She is destined to shine even if she'll wear a Bazurra-crafted garb! Aside from her phenomenal hourglass figure, fluid eloquence and amazing personality, MJ has the biggest and the loudest 'crazy' fan base among the 88 aspirants. Her 'magnetic' persona as well as her endearing character effortlessly draw more people at her feet.

Could she be the 63rd Miss Universe?


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