Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I thought Janicel Lubina had it in her bag as my ultimate bet to represent the Pearl of the Orient Seas in the Universe, however when I saw how exceptionally stunning Christi Lynn "Ashley" Landrito McGarry was during the recently-concluded Press Presentation of this year's Binibining Pilipinas edition, I had a sudden change of heart. Being a Sapiosexual as I am who firmly values 'Intelligence' on top of 'Beauty', gut feel tells me that the 24 years old Fil-Am stunner who's bannering the sash of her mom's native province in Nabua, Camarines Sur, can be the best Binibini to represent in Trump's beauty derby. And here are my Top Five reasons why Christi Lynn is a cut, way above the rest:

1. She's a certified beauty with brains! Christi graduated at the top of her class as Valedictorian from a grammar school in Our Lady of Victories in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. She's been the student body's president in her school and had once served as the captain of the girls' basketball team.


2. She has the commanding presence of an exotic glamazon. With a modelesque stance of 5'10", she can certainly stand head and shoulders in a pool of statuesque beauties. A stunning pedigree in the likes of Christi only appears once in a blue moon in the Philippine pageantry. If I'm the head organizer, never should I miss such opportunity!


3. Just like the other front runners in this year's search for the brightest and most beautiful Binibini, Christi is also armed with such sterling experience in the world of pageantry. She was crowned as Mutya ng Pilipinas-Asia Pacific 2010 and was able to snatch a commendable honor in the international pageant scene as Miss Intercontinental 2010 Queen of Asia and Oceania.


4. She is currently under the tutelage of Aces & Queens, the beauty camp who polished the four-peat Miss Universe Binibini Queens to their finest during their respective stints. Although I'm not quite impressed with her runway skills at the moment, I'm pretty certain that with A&Q's magic wand, they can eventually shell out her best elements in due time.


5. She grew up and earned her formal education in the East Coast of USA so it doesn't surprise me how articulate she is in expressing her thoughts. History speaks for itself that Madame Stella tends to reward the Universe crown to girls whose communication skills are at par with excellence, beauties whose intelligence are certified and adorned with Latin Honors from the country's most prestigious universities and it appears that Christi Lynn McGarry seems to fit the mold.


Do you also see her as the triumphant heiress for the Miss Universe Philippines crown? 


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