Thursday, February 26, 2015


Our 25 years old Binibini aspirant from Nagcarlan, Laguna is a former Miss Philippines Earth-Air 2013 winner who gave up her crown and title to try her luck in achieving another beauty crown of Binibining Pilipinas and hopefully wear the Philippine sash in the international beauty quest. But alas! Lady luck eluded her in her first try and went home empty-handed during last year's Binibini search. Will destiny finally find Kimverlyn Suiza to be this edition's worthy successor of the reigning Binibini Queens? 

I actually had a wonderful time reading Kim's interview during her Miss Philippines Earth stint. We can certainly learn a thing or two about Kim from that interview two years back. So please allow me share it with you here: 


Describe your childhood/growing up years (8-13 years old):

I grew up in a simple, supportive and loving family. Living in an extended family, opened my eyes to the different situations that a family encounters and surpasses.

When I was young, I used to be very shy and timid. I was described by one of my high school teachers as a “late bloomer” but she gave me an assurance that I can be a good person. Since then, that was all I ever wanted to be.

I never aimed to be always on top because I know that being a good person is better than always being the best.

Growing up as the eldest daughter, I assumed my responsibility to help my family as I know that life is a challenge, but I always make it a point to have fun and learn every step of the way.


What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?:

I learned that God never ceases to look after you, especially when you need him the most. He may not give you what you asked for at the time you want it but he will always give you what you need at the right time, you just have to keep your faith and trust in him. I also learned to embrace and enjoy everything that life has to offer, even the not-so-good ones, and to be thankful for it because it helps you become the better version of yourself. 


Most memorable moment:

In 2006, the doctors detected that I have a dengue fever and that I was already in a critical stage when I was taken to the hospital. The most memorable part of it is that I survived the life-threatening part of my life and I now have another lifetime to spend with my family and loved ones and to continue on with my dreams. 


What is your ambition in life?: 

First, to achieve what I deserve in this year’s pageant. Second, to see my brother graduate. Third, to establish a food business to help achieve our family’s financial stability. Fourth, to continue being active in the preservation of the environment through various environmental projects and advocacies to promote environmental awareness. Lastly, to have my own beautiful family, at my own time. I dream, want and pray that my family would take pride and proud having me as I am having them. 

Interview transcript courtesy of Miss Philippines Earth.



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