Sunday, March 29, 2015

Catriona Gray

Philippines will certainly have another great contender this year in Miss World if Catriona Gray will inherit the Miss World Philippines crown from her best friend, Valerie Weigmann. With a towering modelesque frame of 5'10" matched with a gorgeous, angelic face and a powerful full-round vocal prowess to boot she will definitely be a force to be reckoned with in the international pageantry.

Best friends Catriona and Valerie for Bench.

Watch her cover below of Adele's Set Fire to the Rain where she belted out some notes on a commendable scale:)

“I’m constantly inspired when it comes to music. For me, music is the art of painting emotion with your voice. I connect to songs that make me feel something. That’s what I want to achieve with my music: to conjure emotion in people, to make them feel something.”- STARSTYLE PH Main Feature, April 2014.

20 years old Catriona Elisa Gray was born in Cairns,Queensland in 1994 to a Scottish father and Filipino mother. After finishing her high school studies in Australia, she then decided to move to Manila, Philippines during the first quarter of 2012 where she eventually gained popularity as one of the most celebrated and sought-after top models in the country be it on the high-end fashion runway, branded print ads, glossy magazine covers or even the beauty/fashion-related tv commercials. (She's the brand endorser of PONDS, BENCH and many others.)

“We know that beauty and talent rarely come in equal proportions which is why when a girl like Catriona Gray comes alone, we sit up and pay attention. Her statuesque figure and angelic face make her stand out in a crowd without trying, and her voice, best described as sultry and sophisticated, has a range and style that is all her own.”
- LOOK MAGAZINE IT Girl, Aug 2013
At the present, Catriona juggles between her career as a fashion/commercial model, a budding singer/songwriter, and earning her college degree. While travelling across Asia for modelling gigs as well as performing at the country's fashion-related events, she is currently completing her Master Certificate online at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. She utilized well her free time to record and write. "I never fathomed that I’d turn it into a career,’ she admits. "I’m trying to write because it’s a dream of mine to be able to [create] my own music."- MEGA Magazine’s 10 Most Beautiful, May 2013.

Your blogger is hoping that Catriona will also consider pageantry and finally win the opportunity to be the country's next Miss World delegate where she will be able to showcase her beauty and talent in singing in the global scale. I reckon that Catriona will really do well in Miss World where beautiful singers and multi-talented artists like her could easily earn the nod and win the heart of the Miss World matriarch, Julia Morley. I just couldn't wait to see another world-class Filipina beauty winning the Blue Crown after Megan Young in 2013.


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