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One of the gorgeous faces in the competition.
How far can she go?
Out of the 34 beauty queen hopefuls who enlisted this year to become the Philippines' next torchbearers for the beauty battles overseas, determining on who should be the rightful winners is relatively not an easy task since there are more than a handful of ladies who have the universal caliber to shine in the international pageant arena and have the needed capabilities to continue the country's winning streak. I have even shortlisted 18 Semi-Finalists instead of the usual Top 15 since I couldn't just get away with the remaining three candidates who also showed some massive potentials to snatch a spot in the finals. Danita Joan Ruazol (32) Renee Soraya Hassani (4) and Anja Vanessa Peter (22) comprised the triumvirate of spoilers. They may not be as popular as the other candidates but these girls have definitely what it takes to steal the thunder from the front-runners and can even spoil my ultimate picks for the crowns. It's also worth mentioning the likes of Kylie Versoza (12) and Toni Alyessa Hipolito (6) who register well in still images. I'm really enamored with their pretty faces - so expensive, delicate and gorgeous!

Top 15 + 3 Spoilers

Needless to say, a prodigious chunk of my top choices for the exclusive spots in the semi-final round and even in the winning
Will a third time be a charm for
Pia Wurtzbach? 
circle is just contested between the two renowned beauty camps in the country - Jonas Gaffud's Aces and Queens and RodGil's  Kagandahang Flores. As expected the pageant repeaters and veterans from these elite groups are the ones who effortlessly stood out among the bunch and quite surprisingly, there's one or two pageant rookie who are strong and able to smash these so called veterans off their feet should they let their guards down.

While their respective performance in the finals is vital, fate, tremendous luck and even 'politics' still play a pivotal role for them to triumph and emerge as the supreme victors of the night. You see, each of these accomplished ladies are 'perfectly beautiful' in their own ways and all of them really work hard to shine in the competition. It's just a matter of luck and destiny that will eventually propel them to their dreams.

Top 7

Speaking of the possible contenders who have the strongest
Will the stars conspire for the celebrity
daughter and beauty queen's niece
come coronation night?
chance to crack in the magic circle, my gut feel tells me that the three-time Binibini repeaters and former runners-up, Pia Wurtzbach (10) and Hannah Ruth Sison (28) may finally be able to nab a crown this time. Suffice it to say, their steeled determination and sterling tenacity to make their dreams a reality already made them winners in life. One can't also help but notice the remarkable improvements they've shown. This year's edition might be their last especially for Hannah Sison who will be turning 27 in the next few months and the pageant's age requirement may prevent them from joining again. It's no wonder why these ladies are really giving it all! Pageant veterans and former beauty titleholders in the person of Janicel Lubina (11), Christi Lynn McGarry (19), Nancy Lee Leonard (29), Kimverlyn Suiza (8), and Alaiza Flor Malinao (21) are also in my top picks as the possible crown bearers including two pageant newbies Ann Lorraine Colis (24) and Teresita Ssen Marquez (34). I'm also keeping an eye on another Binibini repeaters Patricia Lae Ejercitado (30), Liezel Mae Ramos (13) Ria Rabajante (3) and former Miss World Philippines 2014 finalist Ina Dominica Guerrero (27) who can definitely hold a candle against this edition's favorites.

In a nutshell, there are only five crowns for grabs and two runners-up. Davao's Alaiza Flor Malinao is my choice for a Second Runner-Up post with Pampanga's Ann Lorraine Colis as the First Runner-Up. They're almost there, it's just that there are still five more women who outweighed them based on my armchair analysis. Both ladies are still 21 and 22 and they still have the opportunity to join again. As the reigning 'Ladies-in-Waiting', they're privileged to be trained together with the titleholders.

Binibining Pilipinas-Tourism 2015 goes to Hannah Ruth Sison. She has the striking resemblance to the Philippines' first ever Miss Tourism Queen International winner Justine Gabionza.

Binibining Pilipinas-Intercontinental 2015 is none other than Pia Wurtzbach. She can be a great follow-up of last year's Miss Intercontinental 2nd Runner-Up placer Kris Tiffany Janson. Who knows Pia is really destined to give the Philippines its first Miss Intercontinental crown.

Binibining Pilipinas-Supranational 2015 is Nancy Lee Leonard. With a superb catwalk skills and commanding stage presence she'll definitely make waves in Miss Supranational. 

Binibining Pilipinas-International 2015 is a perfect fit for Christi Lynn McGarry who is eloquent, dusky and statuesque. The usual white-skinned beauty prototype in Miss International has somehow changed and that the Japanese organizers are now favoring beautiful women of color. As what you can notice, last year's top two winners have darker complexion but still have that doll-like facial beauty as the common trend.

Janicel Lubina - Miss Universe Philippines 2015

We've already sent two Summa Cum Laude beauties (a doctor
She's every inch a Miss Universe
and a lawyer) from the University of the Philippines-Diliman to Miss Universe but all of them 'clapped hard' during their respective stints. Both of them didn't even make it to the Semi-final round! The closest was when Shamcey Supsup, (a UP -Diliman Magna Cum Laude alumna and an Architect Board Exam topnotcher) achieved a Third Runner-Up honors during the Miss Universe 2011 edition in Brazil but still failed in winning the crown. So it's crystal clear that the Miss Universe Organization is not looking for a winner who has the brains and IQ of Albert Einstein, instead they're simply looking for a spokesperson who happens to be 'beautiful'. And when they say beautiful, it has to be one who has the universal appeal, an extraordinary beauty that could launch a thousand ships and I couldn't see any other candidates from the list who can be at par with Candidate No. 11 Janicel Lubina. The farm girl and the former househelper has the body, the universal beauty and the X-factor of a Miss Universe winner!

So do we have the same Top Winners in my list? Share your bets:) Binibining Pilipinas 2015 Grand Coronation Night will take place on March 15th (Sunday) at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, Manila, Philippines.

Photo Courtesy of Sash Factor and Binibining Pilipinas



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